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Official Chasing Gladius Mini S Submersible ROV with 4K Video Discussion Thread

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  • Official Chasing Gladius Mini S Submersible ROV with 4K Video Discussion Thread

    Gladius Mini S Submersible ROV with 4K Video - RTR from Chasing Innovations - CHS40-10-301-0033

    Click image for larger version

Name:	chasing-gladius-mini-s-submersible-rov-with-4k-vide.jpg
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    Version Info: This ROV is delivered as “RTR” and requires a smartphone and downloading of a free app for successful operation.

    Explore the underwater wonders of rivers, lakes, or oceans with the Gladius Mini S Submersible ROV, now available from Motion RC. This feature-rich, aluminum alloy-bodied submersible is immensely convenient, weighing only 2.7Kg (6 lbs.) and controlled through an included, tethered transmitter supplemented by your smartphone or tablet which allows for creative underwater photography or videography, diving explorations, or underwater safety inspections. Real-time water temperature, depth, and other parameters provide mission support, while dual 4800mAh rechargeable batteries deliver up to an impressive four hours of operation per charge at depths up to 100M (330’).

    A 1/2.3 Sony CMOS camera with EIS and anti-shake video stabilization, a 4K f/1.8 lens, and triple 2400 lumen LED lights combine to ensure that every detail of your underwater exploration is crystal-clear and easily documented. Support accessories such as a grabber claw arm or sports cameras (not included) deliver more ways to have more fun! The patented motor/prop system greatly reduces the chances of problems caused by debris, sand, or rocks, allowing the Gladius S to confidently tackle complicated underwater environments. With a maximum speed of 4 knots and a horizontal field of view approaching 200M (660’), the Gladius Mini S is a versatile, convenient exploration machine!

    Combine the compact and portable, go-anywhere fun of the Chasing Gladius Mini S Submersible ROV with Motion RC’s industry-leading customer service and product support for a package that cannot be beat!

    Versatile Underwater Exploration

    The Gladius Mini S supports optional accessories such as sports cameras or grabber claw arms.
    4K with EIS image stabilization with f/1.8 Aperture

    The Mini S delivers high-definition 12 megapixel images and dramatic 4K or 1080p videos thanks to its Sony CMOS camera.
    Removable 64G SD Card

    Convenient, watertight access to the included 64G Micro SD card means you can download your media anytime, anywhere.
    Direct Connection

    The controller and smartphone/tablet can be directly connected via cable, eliminating the chance for WiFi interference or signal loss while enhancing image and data stability.
    • Conveniently-sized, compact design with aluminum alloy outer hull
    • Waterproof to 100M (330’)
    • Patented propulsion system
    • 64G Micro SD memory card
    • Built in dual battery packs and included AC charger
    • Complete package, ready for use-just add smartphone or tablet
    • Operates up to four hours per charge
    • Customized visual effects with 19 available image filters
    • User-friendly app allows direct share or live stream to Social Media
    • Sony CMOS camera with EIS stabilization
    • Sports camera mounting hardware
    • 4K video with f/1.8 lens
    • 2x 1200 Lumens front-mounted LED lamps
    • Chasing Gladius Mini S Submersible ROV with 4K Video
    • 64G Micro SD memory card
    • 100M tether cable
    • Remote controller
    • AC Charger
    • GoPro™ mounting base
    • Smartphone or Tablet
    • Download of free APP
    Product Specifications:

    AGE LEVEL : 14 and up
    SKILL LEVEL : Beginner
    BUILD TIME : Less Than 5 Minutes
    Length 400mm / 15.7in
    Width 226mm / 8.9in
    Height 145mm / 5.7in
    Weight 2720g / 95.9oz
    Max Depth 100 meters
    Max Speed 2 m/s (4 Knots)
    Runtime 1-4 hours
    Battery Life Cycle >300 cycles
    Max WiFi Distance N/A
    Operating Temperature -10°C-45°C / 14°F-113°F
    Power 3A / 12.6V
    Charging Time 3.5 hours
    LED Brightness 2x 1200 lumens
    LED Color Temperature 5000K-5500K
    LED CRI 85
    LED Dimming Three gears
    CMOS 1/2.3
    Lens F/1.8
    Focus 1m
    ISO Range 100-6400
    FOV 152°
    Max Resolution 12 mega pixel
    Image Format JPEG / DNG
    • 4K / 30fps, time lapse supported
    • 1080p / 30/60/120fps, slow motion (120fps)
    • 720p slow motion (240fps)
    Video Stream 60M
    Video Format MP4
    SD Card 64GB
    IMU 3 axis gyro/accelerometer/compass
    Depth Sensor ≤±0.25m
    Temperature Sensor ≤±2°C / 3.6°F

  • #2
    Hello just got my submersible last night iPad mini not connecting start button not active says not connected... Any resolution?


    • #3
      Originally posted by Chaseman81 View Post
      iPad mini not connecting start button not active says not connected
      Are you using Wi-Fi or a direct cable connection? If using a cable did you select "automatic" for the IP address configuration?


      • #4
        I was trying cable, and no I didn't select automatic. But, did get it to work wifi. But truly want cable because wifi disconnected sitting right next to it. I will try your suggestion. Thank you


        • #5
          Originally posted by jbaartz View Post

          Are you using Wi-Fi or a direct cable connection? If using a cable did you select "automatic" for the IP address configuration?
          How do I do this auto ip. Noob to this iPad.. I might be mistaken about losing wifi I think I turn of control but not bad . But would love to get cable to work


          • #6
            In your network settings find the network that it is using and click on the circled i icon. Then, under IPV4 address where it says "configure IP" make sure it's set to automatic. I do not have this product so I can't replicate any connectivity with the app. Here are some videos that may help with setup.


            • #7
              Got plans to get this one, I have the little one and love that thing


              • #8
                Any long-term feedback on this?