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Official Huina 1/14 Scale LEB550EC T-Crane - RTR Thread

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  • Official Huina 1/14 Scale LEB550EC T-Crane - RTR Thread

    1/14 Scale LEB550EC T-Crane by Huina - RTR - HUA1585-001

    Product Availability: The estimated time of arrival (ETA) for this product is early August, 2020. Please click the "Notify Me When Back In Stock" button above to receive an email notification when the product is available for purchase.

    Looking to begin your RC Construction worksite with an affordable machine? The Huina 1/14 scale T-Crane is a faithful representation of the real thing. Take control of the realistic-looking crane with the easy to use remote, swing its impressive arm from left to right and move the hook up and down to collect objects. This platform style construction toy features a strong and durable hook which has a weight capacity of 500 grams (17 ounces).

    Use the remote control to move the crane from side to side, lower the hook to pick up items from the ground and move them wherever they need to go. This giant 122cm crane rotates limitlessly and has realistic construction sounds and accessories.

    Expand your RC job site with Huina's excavator, loader, and other RC Construction vehicles from Motion RC!
    Ready to Run (RTR) Convenience

    Zero assembly is required, simply add 4 AA batteries to the radio and charge the included main battery to begin digging!
    Easy to Operate

    Quickly master the fun of operating this T-Crane to lift, move, and deposit construction site cargo across its 360-degree range of rotational movement.

    Finely molded ABS plastic and nylon parts create the detailed boom and arms, including functioning pulleys that replicate the function of a full-size T-crane.

    2.4ghz transmission provides a control range greater than 100 feet away!
    Low Cost and High Value

    The T-Crane provides an ideal introduction for beginners wanting to begin participating on an RC Construction site with lower startup cost in a lightweight and easy-to-transport package.

    Operate your T-crane with confidence, backed by a full range of spare parts and service from Motion RC!
    • LED lights on the tower base and top
    • Realistic construction sounds
    • Capable to lift up to 500g of weight
    • 2.4GHz Frequency Control, so other players can also use their truck without interference
    • 1/14 Scale model made from durable plastic and heavy duty steel that can handle heavy loads
    • 12 Channel full functional construction tower
    • Clear remote control labeling for easy, precise commands suitable for all your digging needs
    • Excellent service and support from Motion RC
    • Huina LEB550EC 1/14 Scale RC T-Crane - RTR
    • 2.4GHz remote control
    • Rechargeable battery
    • USB charger
    • User manual
    • 4x AA batteries for 2.4GHz radio transmitter

    Scale 1:14
    Length N/A
    Width 92.6cm / 36.4in
    Height 122.3cm / 48.1in
    Weight 4000.6g / 141.1oz
    Body Material Plastic
    House Rotation 360 Degrees
    Lights Yes
    Sound Yes
    Exhaust Effect No
    Required Battery 2S 7.4V 4000mAh (included)
    Required Radio 8 Channel (included)
    Skill Level Beginner
    Build Time None
    Operating Time 20-30 Minutes
    Recommended Environment Indoor/Outdoor

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    This crane is pretty cool. If it was proportional control it would be spectacular. Up and down ops are good. It will pick up loads heavier then it has counterweight for. The extending and retraction ops are even adequate but the rotation is frustrating because it’s too fast and not proportional. It’s on/off basically so your loads no matter if swung close to the upright or all the way extended is almost always going to pendulum really bad. Guess my scale construction guys are going to have to start using load control lines to steady the load.
    nonetheless this thing is so cool to have on the construction site. With the lights on and it just sitting in the background is worth it but I’m pretty impressed with its load handling as well.
    I included a quick evening demo unloading some barriers so you can see it in operation.


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      Ok so I couldn’t help myself. Now this crane is spectacular. I eliminated all the stock electronics and added all my own and made every control point proportional. Up/down, extend/retract, rotation all proportional!!! Plus something super fun for loading and unloading. Electromagnetic grab bar. I now enjoy operating this crane even more and it brings it to a whole new level of fun.


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        Can you tell us how you made it proportional. Thanks


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          Originally posted by Marco Polo View Post
          Can you tell us how you made it proportional. Thanks
          So it’s actually really easy to make it fully proportional. I had an old spectrum radio laying around 6ch and a micro receiver. I got three micro speed controllers off Amazon $15 and wired those to the 1.rotation motor 2. The winch 3. The transit motor (in/out). The only thing left was the light on the controller board. I replaced the OEM light with a 5mm red led and wired it to an external battery that I mount on the counter weight for extra counter weight. The receiver I placed in the cab to give it some distance from all the speed controls and wires. I cut and eliminated the switches on all the speed controllers and wired them all through the OEM switch. It’s a tight fit but all of it did fit in the cavity where the MFCB was located. And I eliminated the speaker as well. No sound this thing produced was worth keeping. I will be doing a build tutorial later on for the electromagnetic picker that I demo in the second video.