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Charging Huina battery with a better (faster) charger?

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  • Charging Huina battery with a better (faster) charger?

    I've just bought a Huina 1593 Excavator and the USB charger that comes with it takes 2-4hrs to charge it according to the manual as it looks like it outputs 7.4v 1A.

    I have a better charger (see photos below), I can set it to Li-Ion and select the amps and amount of cells so I'm wondering if I can use that instead to get a quicker charge?

    Im no electrical expert so the things stopping me using it right now is the fact it has a deans connector on it, I'm not sure what amount of amps it would be ok to charge the battery at, and the fact I'm not sure I can change the voltage? (It's an old charger and I don't have the manual anymore). And the fact that the Huina battery has 3 leads instead of two, I assume it uses 1 lead for balancing whereas my charger has a whole seperate plug board for balancing plugs and of course the batter has what is probably a proprietary plug?

    So can I make this charger work somehow? If not, can anyone recommend a decent faster charger that will work?

    The Huina batter is Li-ion, 7.4v 18650/1200mAh

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Would I be better off just changing the connector in the excavator to a deans and then buying some other suitable batteries that have deans connectors and proper balance leads so I can charge them using my charger? If that's possible what would I be looking for in a battery spec, obviously physical dimensions so it fits in the excavator but on top of that it needs to be 7.4v and 2 cell? Can it be Li-Po or does it have to be Li-ion and I assume I can up the mAh to get longer run time?

    I have to ditch that USB charger somewhere because I had it charging for 45mins and it only gave me 2 mins run time. Admittedly I did have the charger plugged directly into a usb slot that's built into a home plug socket (UK) so I've now put it in a proper mobile phone charger that I know outputs 5V.


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      Nevermind, I opted to just buy 2 more standard batteries and 2 more standard USB chargers. Working out the charging time and usage time that should be enough to keep me digging for a few hours.


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