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1/5 Scale Racing

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  • 1/5 Scale Racing

    The last RC car racing I did was 1/5 Scale 2WD truck. Using an HPI Baja 5ST and racing against other 30lb trucks was a ton of fun! Fuel is cheap, they're easy to tune, they don't stall hardly ever, and the run forever. Tires are not cheap though and they can eat rear tires very easily. The trucks are very heavy so when racing you really want to avoid hitting other trucks for fear of damage that could take you out of the race. The motors have tons of low end torque so racing 2wd and not spinning out in a turn was sometimes hard. With 6-8 of these non-muffler equipped trucks out on the track it was deafening loud. I still start up the truck every now and then to hear that 2-stroke sound and smell!

    *Baja 5ST 2wd
    *27.5CC top end kit
    *Tuned pipe

    Click image for larger version

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    I've never raced 1/5 scale 2 stroke, it sounds difficult and exhilarating at the same time! I can only begin to imagine the decibel level with several on the line.

    ​​​​​​​Where is that course?

    'Any good crash stories? All that mass at those speeds must eat a truck or two from time to time.


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      I’ll dig up pics of my 5b was a winderful kit to build as well. I had a losi 5t as well. Killer bee a must in 5th scale
      AMA 1102566