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Best RC Unimog for plowing

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  • Best RC Unimog for plowing

    Hi guys,
    Just wanted to see which RC Unimog people would recommend to use with a snowplow? I was thinking about the Tamiya on the CC-01 chassis but wasn’t sure if the Axial SCX10 would be a better platform for a plow? I like the idea of the optional 2 speed transmission in the Axial.
    Also, any recommendation for the best, close to scale plow or is it best to build your own?
    Any input would be appreciated!
    Essex, MA

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    The new one from scale art would probably be best but is very expensive.
    I have both the Tamiya and the Axial kits and while the Tamiya is more scale the Axial is larger and much more powerful. Also the optional 2-speed transmission is a nice addition.


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      I’d love to get the ScaleArt one! What a masterpiece but I’d never get to enjoy it... My wife would kill me before it arrived!🤣
      Your comparison between the 2 is helpful. I love the scale likeness of the tamiya but I think the size and power(and 2 speed option) of the axial is the way to go. It’s going to be mainly for my son, who has Down Syndrome. He has the Bruder Unimog plow/spreader now that he loves and I want to get him an r/c version just like it. I want to make sure it works well so it doesn’t frustrate him by getting stuck. I think the axial is the way to go. His face is going to light up on Christmas Day!
      Thanks for your advice!