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Pulling ability

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  • Pulling ability


    new to the RC world. Need a vehicle that can pull ~ 10 pounds and do so on ice. Doesn’t need to go fast at all and not too far, 2-400 ft. Any suggestions?

    thanks in advance,

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    Most 1/10 scale 4wd rock crawlers probably could. Or monster trucks.

    What kind of application do you have in mind?
    Natural ice or zamboni serviced rink?
    Elevation changes?
    Out & back / Running laps all day?


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      Hey Frizzen,

      thanks for the reply! I am making a Zamboni. So the car/truck would need to pull a 4 wheeled car with a gallon of water on it. The ice will have some grooves in it but should be flat. Guessing it would need to cover the ring two times twice a week, ~ 1000 sq feet.



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        My knowlege on this only hits somewhere around ''Me like Hockey".

        If you started with something ax10 or scx10, I'm guessing you'll probably at minimum need Studded tires, more weight, lower gearing, possibly a plow if you need to move the disturbed 'snow' off the ice first before reflowing surface.

        then you might want to add FPV so that you can see what's happening on the ice to avoid dry spots and overworking others.

        1000 square feet so full coverage laps on something like 10x100? I thought you wanted 200-400 feet as like out&back pack mule to an ice fishing hut, or pulling something a sled.

        Maybe pulling something like?

        Just connect the inlet hose of the hose reel to your water line and you can put a new layer of ice on your ice rink. Arenas need to Hand Resurfacers on hand, in case the Resurfacer breaks down.

        With the added weight to keep traction, a 1/6 scale crawler might be happier doing that than 1/10. I've seen rock crawlers hooked to a Pulling Sled, but a full-pull is under 100 feet, not sending them out to plow the field until lunch. I've never gotten into rc 'Truck and Tractor Pulling' so i can't say much about their upcrades and drawbar power.

        I dunno, most of the homebuilt zambonis i've ever seen posted anywhere online seem to end up on old Lawnmower / Garden tractor chassis.