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Roban 600 EC-145 rear tail fin shake.

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  • Roban 600 EC-145 rear tail fin shake.

    Hey folks, first off, loved this Heli. Went together seemingly without any issues, however recently I have seen shaking in the rear fin (the right one, when looking from the rear right. .
    Oddlyl, enough I have no shake from others on the other of area heii areas.

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    check your main rotor tracking , I have that chopper with no tail shake.


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      I checked that and saw that the tracking was fine....then I realized the mistake I made.. I had taken some sponge material and placed in the fuse tail around the tail tube. That material was also touching the interior of the fuse wall....therefore any slight vibration in the tail tube was exaggerated all the way to the fins.
      . I didn't realize that the tail tube itself essentially floats in the fuselage tail area and once I removed that spongy material all the shake was gone. Thanks for much for your assistance..