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Roban Apache 700 Main blade bolts

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  • Roban Apache 700 Main blade bolts

    Hello. So I have apparently lost one of my main blade grip bolts for my Apache. I believe the measurements are 4 mm x 30 mm. But I am having a heckuva time finding a replacement bolt. It doesn’t appear that they sell these bolts individually on MRC. I think they might be available in the whole bolt package but I think they are out. I have looked at many other helicopter main blade bolts but they’re either M5 or they’re too short. Does anybody have one of these bolts laying around spare they could sell me or does anybody know of a replacement that would work?

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    I'm sorry I can be of no help regarding this. But if you do find the bolt you're looking for please provide the details on where and how to find it.


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      These should work: