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Huey semi-scale "dummy" head

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  • Huey semi-scale "dummy" head

    I want to bring this to everyone's attention as it caused a heartburn for me.
    I have an 800 size Huey with Century Predator mechanics and wanted to install at least a semi-scale huey rotor head on it.

    When I found the head from Roban at $199, it is listed as a "dummy HEAD" and there is no photo attached to the ad.
    I wrongfully assumed that a rotor head is a complete rotor head but was dumbfounded to see I received only the head block, the adaptor which bolts to the top of the block, the fake seesaw, and semi-scale flybar. It does not have any other rotor head parts such as grips, bearings, bushings, etc.

    I contacted MRC customer support and Ed checked with Roban to see if my order was missing parts or not. He was told that is the way it comes.
    My personal opinion is that $199 is too much for just those minor "conversion" parts. I would now have to order all the other parts to complete the rotor head.

    Lo and behold I found the complete two bladed rotor head on sale for $99. So I combined the two orders and made a semi-scale huey rotor head.

    I think MRC or Roban needs to change the title of the "dummy" head to semi-scale Huey rotor head "conversion kit".

    Lastly, I found that the main shaft for my mechanics is 12mm and the Roban head block is for 14mm. In case anyone else has this type of issue, I received a tip from fellow scale heli builder and pilot Emile Sheriff. I cut a piece of a skid that was 2mm thick with inside diameter of 12mm and used it as a sleeve. problem solved!

    BTW, I'm not posting this to blast MRC or Roban, but to make all involved aware of what I consider a slightly misleading ad title.
    If anyone disagrees with me, please sound off as I will not be insulted, and we are all here to enjoy this hobby and help each other.

    take care!

    Roy Mayoral

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    I was curious about that... and the fact there wasn't any pictures.
    I ended up going with the Vario Semi Scale head and the vario 815mm blades:

    If you don't mind, post some pics of what you received?


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      This is what I actually received in the package along with a flybar that has round weights on the ends and assorted screws.
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      Roy Mayoral


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        This is the end result AFTER I ordered a Roban two blade rotorhead and installed the dummy scale rotorhead parts onto it. That of course set me back another $99.
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        Roy Mayoral


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          Prior to installing these mechanics back into my Huey I had a buddy who is a great pilot test hover it for me due to high winds which at least were partially blocked by my privacy fence. I installed a demon 3X flybarless gyro and since it’s the first one I have done I was hesitant to try the first test flight. Turns out the head flew awesome and will really look the part in my Huey.
          Click image for larger version

Name:	26583C59-91C4-4A45-8204-9B401B8E65CE.jpg
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          Roy Mayoral


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            That's a good looking fuselage! Where did you get it?


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              That is a Unique Models fuselage out of Dalton,GA. It is very scale accurate and comes bare and I handmade all the scale details to include all the hand laid rivets.
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              Roy Mayoral