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Veteran's Day - Stories and what it means to you.

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    Originally posted by EA-6B Geek View Post
    I flew in the USMC, 1987-1997, but that's nothing.
    Oh yes it is...I don't care if you were the guy who dropped the bomb on Hiroshima or were the guy who fixed his lunch, service is service and I thank you for it.

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      Originally posted by KC135Boomer View Post
      1st post on this forum. I just retired after a great 24 year career flying the Boom on the mighty KC-135 Stratotanker. Between deployments to many "Stans" I kept sane by flying the mini Air Force. Heck, there was a trip or two that I took a plane with me but the Security Forces were not very happy having a little airplane flying around the compound. Sure were some good times!
      Welcome boom and thanks for your service. As a fellow boom with 30 yrs. service Air Force and Air Natl Guard flying on A and E model 135's I want to thank you and all fellow vets for your service and sacrifice. We should never forget them past and present.

      Cmsgt Ret. USAF/ ANG


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        Hello and thanks to all my fellow Vets. I've been in the Army since 1983. I have 6 yrs active and the rest in the Reserves. I've been a 96H, 11B, and 91B(68W). I'm currently a MSG. I've been to Korea, Japan, Germany, Kuwait, and Iraq. I started my career flying in OV1D Mohawks. So it would be nice of Motion to maybe make one of these.


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          Served in US Marine Corps and US Army-wouldn't trade for anything.


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            F-14 powerplants mech. & PlaneCaptain. love flying my rc military planes & jets. Time in Navy was awesome.


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              Myself, Nam vet....USAF-'61 > '65. My son is still in the military w/10 yrs Navy(Carrier Aircraft electronics)& (2) ME tours, presently 10yrs USAF Reserves(Security) w/(2) tours in Afghanistan. He just made Master Sargeant & going to retire in (2) yrs from the military. He is also a DOD police officer at the Jacksonville NAS & made sergeant there & head of his ERT. I'm so proud of him. Both my other brothers are also vets as was my father & (6) of my uncles in WWII. None of us ever regretted our service & proud to have served.


              *** \"A man\'s word is his honor....without honor there is nothing.\" ***
              *** I have no hesitation to kill nor reservation to die for the Flag & Constitution of the USA. ***


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                My only connection was to the vets and relatives who served in the Canadian Armed Forces during WWII and Korea. One Uncle served in Italy as a dispatch rider. His group got surrounded and he was ordered to break through on his motor bike and get a message out for help. He somehow made it and when he arrived, they gently persuaded him to go to the medic tent. Part of his skull had been shot away. Uncle Ivan Gunter had a plate in his head for the rest of his life. Uncle Norman Gunter went in and helped mop up the sub pens at St Nazaire in France. He had nightmares for years afterwards and didn't talk much about it until near the end. He was involved in Market Garden as well, although I don't know any of the details.
                I was an Air Cadet and every Nov 11, we attended the Memorial Services in Vancouver BC, I'm still a huge supporter of those who served, we owe you all such a debt and can never be repaid. Thankyou!!

                Team Gross!


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                  I"am an older Navy veteran (aviation), I was flight line ground crew for VF-124 Red Tails, (F-8 Crusaders) in the early 60s. It was a good time in my life with both good and bad memory's but something I can look back on and be happy with the way it turned out. Most of all I want to thank all veterans past and present for their service and Motion RC for the outstanding job their doing. Keep up the good work guys and thank you for your service as well.
                  Regards, Lee Steinmetz


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                    Thanks to all my fellow Vets. I always had a pasion for aviation and a dream to be a soldier since I was a kid that's why a join the Army as a Helicopter Mechanic AH64D/UH60L. I will do it all over again does where the best days.


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                      As a Naval Officer during Vietnam Era , I have a great deal of respect and admiration for all of our veterans, past and present. I thank each and everyone of you for your sacrifice and service. GOD BLESS those who keep us safe


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                        My father joined the Navy as E-1, completing boot camp not long before the end of WWII, He qualified for an officer training program, which he completed, becoming a surgeon and then worked in a Naval hospital near Washington DC during the Korean War. Then he went to weekend warrior status for several year, returned to active duty and was the oldest person to complete the Flight Surgeon program at Pensacola, FL. After completing that he served on the USS Coral Sea for about 5 years and 3 cruises off the coast of Vietnam. He finished his US Navy career as a Captain (O-6) with 32 years combined active and ready reserve credit. About 2 years before he retired, I enlisted in the Navy and served 9 years in the Nuclear Power program.

                        Growing up mostly on Naval Air Stations, as a "Navy Brat" I considered it my job to annoy the gate guards. :p
                        But my older brother came up with the best one, getting an ID card for our cat, then posing him in the car as if the cat was driving, then going in the gate (driving the car from the passenger seat) and making the Marine guard salute the cat.
                        FF gliders and rubber power since 1966, CL 1970-1990, RC since 1975.

                        current planes from 1/2 oz to 22 lbs


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                          My dad was in the Merchant Marines, sailing over enemy subs to supply the Pacific theater with bombs, fuel, and everything else needed to win the war. I'm a little miffed that they weren't given veteran status until a few years ago, thankfully, before he passed away. I proudly have his flag. Doc


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                            Just wanted to add a follow up to my comment in post#19 about giving respect to WW2 Vets.
                            Yesterday my sweetie took me to Applebee's so I could enjoy a freebee on them.
                            We were seated next to a booth that had 2 Navy vets, one of which was wearing a WW2 Navy Veteran ball cap.
                            I immediately walked over and introduced myself as a Nam Era Navy Vet and then stuck my hand out to the WW2 Vet and said........
                            "I want to thank you for the standard of Honor, Courage, Bravery and Respect you guys set for the rest us to hope to follow and achieve"
                            I knew by the moistness that developed in his eyes that what I said had hit it's mark.
                            Seeing his response made me a little misty too................
                            Warbird Charlie

                            ScaleTech OV-10 Bronco; HSD A1 Skyraider(in rehab shop); FlightLine: F7F-2D, P-38 Allied Green, Sea Fury; FMS 1400: P-40B, P-51 Marie, F4U Olathe, F6F, T-28, P-40E, 1500 Razor, 1700 F4U and a Fox glider; Freewing: A-10 Artic Thunder(100+ parts to rise again), A-6, P-51 Iron Ass; VQ: P-39, JU-52; LX PBJ-1(B-25); Dynam: ME-262, FW-190, Waco, Catalina; Phoenix Spitfire; Maxford Antonov AN-2; Starmax L-4 Grasshopper; Eflite 1100 T-28 float; Tech1 P40;


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                              I want to thank everyone who posted here. It's an honor to have all of you take a few minutes of your time to put this information out there. The beauty of places like this is that we can all share our love, experiences and such with like-minded individuals. I personally haven't served but my Grandfather was in the Italian Navy briefly but he escaped and made it to Ellis Island in hopes of a better life for his family (thank god he made it). But my wife's grandfather (the patriarch of her family who had 9 children) served in the Korean war for the USMC and it was an honor to have known that man. It gave me an appreciation for our service members that I otherwise wouldn't have had and I am ever grateful to everyone who served whether they served lunch or were on the front lines.

                              Side story, this past Saturday I was away for the weekend with my wife for some R&R and we went out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. This restaurant wasn't offering any Veteran's deals or anything (not that that's a bad thing) but an obvious Air Force veteran (had his hat on, wearing it proud) came in with his family. My wife and I were seated near the hostess desk and not one person said anything to this man who was there with his kids and grandkids. Not that people have to say anything because I am sure this man doesn't need them too, but when it was time for my wife and me to leave, I walked over to his table and shook his hand and just simply said thank you. Thank you for your service and I'd like to buy your desserts. I didn't expect the family to well up but they were taken back by the gesture and I couldn't have been happier to offer it.

                              If I could afford a dessert for all of you, I would. But I just wanted to say on my behalf and our companies behalf. Once again. Thank you for your service.


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                                Guys, this will bring a tear yo your eyes
                                Thanks again to all who served.

                                Team Gross!