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Its been awhile

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  • Its been awhile

    It has been awhile since I have been on squawk or even had a lot of interest in the hobby. I kind of hit a wall with things and started losing interest in the hobby, as well as working more in the summer months.

    This will make some of you cry, but I actually gave away several planes (requested a donation to Sky Squire RC club in lieu of payment of whatever you feel is fair lol). So, anyway I am going to start throwing away a lot of my planes and old hardware, spare parts and whatever next week. This is not me getting out of the hobby, instead its a purge of sorts and a new beginning. I plan on keeping the number of planes I own less than ten. Right now I will have my FL Tigercat, 2 FMS 1700mm Mustangs, the eflite pulse. I just ordered the TopRC Gunfighter Mustang, and a torqpro 70cc 4 stroke with a 4 blade spinner and a 4 blade variable pitch prop set up. I plan on acquiring the FMS Tigercat as well. I also have a zig RC P-47 60 size build going on. I will complete it then not sure if I am just going to sell it or what. I also have came up with one of the older original 60 size Hangar 9 hellcat arf in a box that I want to build. But, my priority right now is to repair FMS Mustang Frankie, finish up the zig P-47 build, then get started on the TopRC Mustang. I would love to have that TRC Mustang ready for Rend Lake War Birds. Its possible, but I will not shortcut or rush anything with that build. If anyone is keeping count that is 8. I still have some planes to give away or throw away to go and some cleaning up to do as well. For the first time in a while, I am actually looking forward to starting up on the builds. The hardest part is going to be throwing stuff away, getting my shop in order then building. One of my friends at the club acquired my 60 size topflight corsair. He flew it last week while I was away at work. He said he had some trial and error, but finally got it in the air and greased the landing. I wish I could have seen it. I still have my seagull skyraider to get rid of. I am going to actually retire a plane to static. My Topflight 60 size arf. P-47. Yep, if anyone has watched my you tube channel, that is where I get the no guts no glory from. That was my first "larger" plane I ever owned and it became my experiment. Different gear, 3 different power plants. A dead stick resulting in flying it through a tree and ripping the firewall out cleanly. I mean clean as a whistle. I put some good ole finishing epoxy on it all, reattached it and perfect fix. Yep, that old plane and me have had some flights. Anyway, its going to get the gear down, the batter receiver pulled and get hung up in the garage and retired. Anyway, yeah thats whats going on with me. Glad I stepped away for awhile. Now I am ready to get back into it.

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      Welcome back - my hiatus was about 30 years.
      But at least the technology caught up with what I wanted the hobby to be back then,