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Flight songs for video thoughts.

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  • Flight songs for video thoughts.

    (142) Jonas Brothers - Fly With Me - Official Music Video (HQ) - YouTube

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    Wow, so much has changed in the past six years since I retired from flying RC aircraft. Now that I'm back flying again, I have a lot of catching up to do. It's super neat to see all the new faces in the community. Everyone is appearing to thrive and enjoy a ton of fun! Excellent new presentations guys. I'm looking for great flight songs once I start doing the video work again. Just to get an idea of what people in the RC community enjoy. I'm Country, Classic Rock, Alternative, and many more.


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      If you must include background music, try to make it reflect the era of the airplane if scale, flying style if aerobatic, fighter jet, etc.. Try not to use "Danger Zone" for jets.