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My aching brain...

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  • My aching brain...

    Wow... I feel old... Long story short; I had a couple of small RTF RC airplanes I can't use anymore (even longer story...) so I decided to sell them. One buyer offered me the asking price, but I noticed he was selling FlySky sets... so I suggested a trade, and I got me a FlySky FS-i6 with two 10channel and two 6channel receivers for 15 bucks and a 400mm RTF Mustang. A great deal, I think...
    And now I've been reading up on the thing. Damn... there's a lot of new stuff to learn for this old dog, who only ever owned one 2channel Robbe set and RTR stuff...

    Click image for larger version

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    Sherman M4A3 105mm Houwitser / Sherman Firefly IC *under construction* / Panzer IV *awaiting side-grade from TK7.0S to TK6.0S* / Stug III / King Tiger / KV-1 *awaiting upgrade to TK6.0S* / Tiger I / T34-85 / Leopard 2A6 *waiting upgrade to TK7.0*... No, I do not have a problem....