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The MONSTER Plettenberg Brushless 19KW (25 HP) Electric Motor and MGM ESC Controller

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  • The MONSTER Plettenberg Brushless 19KW (25 HP) Electric Motor and MGM ESC Controller

    We were going to use this Plettenberg Predator 50/6 electric motor for a "sustainer kit" on our 600 pound FAA certified glider that we fly at our soaring club. The motor generates 19KW or 25 Brake Horsepower We bought the motor, controller and batteries and then decided it was too ambitious for both of us to adapt to the glider, so we are selling the setup to the RC community for which it was originally designed for.
    At 25 HP or 19KW this RC MONSTER is one of the most powerful RC brushless motors out there. Someone in the RC community will want to use the power and efficiency of this motor to make a fantastic "show stopper" RC aircraft.
    The motor was never installed and never ran in our glider. It was listed on the Plettenberg website for $2,160.00 US. It is the Predator model 50/6 RC aircraft motor. This is the most powerful RC electric motor that Plettenberg makes. The MGM controller is made in the Czech Republic and lists at $786.00 US. The motor comes with a RASA carbon fiber, 3 blade, folding propeller and nose cone listed at $379.00US. Each blade is 14.5 inches long, which gives a total prop arch diameter of over 31 inches.
    I also have 6 MaxAmps 9000mah 25.9 volt LiPo batteries for sale that are not in the photos.
    This motor is for a serious project builder of a truly uniquely powerful RC aircraft.
    We want to sell this to someone in the RC community who can make something outstanding and unique. Make us an offer we can't refuse....