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RC TREX 550X inside an Roban 700

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  • RC TREX 550X inside an Roban 700

    (ARF) RC TREX 550X inside an Roban 700 size Bell JetRanger 206

    This is a "in brand new condition" which has 4 flights on it since it was completed. It's been sitting since the middle of November of 2019.
    I purchased this in kit form from online. The helicopter, Batteries, Charger, Radio, Fuselage and everything else was purchased separate all at the same time.
    I literally flew it four times and it has been sitting and sitting. I had a job change and i just lost interest. It was an living room conversation piece for a couple of years and i gave up trying to sell it until now again. I'm not flying it so i would like to sell it.
    It's in perfect shape and has no damage of any kind or any kind of incidents during the four flights it has on it.
    If you are able to see it in person then I'll be happy to proove it to you as you'll be able to tell it's been sitting anyway. Still has a bit of dust on the ole gal.

    You can see a video of it flying on my channel here:

    ... and i don't know why this guy filmed it this way but it is what it is.

    ================================================== =======

    I have been building and flying RC aircraft since 1982 and have built several RC Helicopters. I use to build rc models for people back in the day when i was living in Orlando, Fl so I'm no beginner when it comes to building RC Aircraft.
    This model is custom built to fit into the Roban 700 size Bell 206 JetRanger fuselage.

    Some of the features include:
    -- Custom built mounting system for the mechanics which allows the main shaft to have it's highest point above the fuselage doghouse.
    -- The four bolts which hold the entire frame to the mounting platform can be taken out and installed directly into the mount in an matter of only 5 minutes either way for removing or installing the mechanics.
    -- The mechanics have the one way bearing changed for scale rotation of the blades and motor direction along with correct phasing.
    -- Tail rotor is also changed to simulate the correct location and rotation.
    -- Tail Boom has been stretched to fit 700 size fuselage. (added longer boom)
    -- This helicopter is also configured to run on "one" 5000mAH pack at an time.
    -- I have two battery packs which are: Pulse 35C 6S 22.2v at 5000mAH (each) This gives this machine a long run time of well over 10 minutes for each flight at only just above half throttle. She has plenty of power and is very strong. I fly scale so I've gotten over 15 minutes before.
    -- It also has nav lighting installed in the correct location based on one of the real jet rangers here near me at my local airport. I was still going to add more lighting but haven't gotten around to it which i have another light set still in the box i was going to use.
    -- It flies on 6 channels all configured through the onboard "MICROBEAST PLUS (BEAST-X)
    -- There is an switch for the lights using it's own flight pack (Battery) The flight packs are separated from the main batteries so that they are independent of each other. Flight packs operate radio and the main Pulse packs operate the motor and that's it and a separate battery is used for nav lighting which is a very small rechargeable pack.
    -- I also have the original Canopy in the box, the original 550 blades and a few other goodies for it as well.
    -- If your interested then get in contact with me and I can show you a bunch of pictures and give you all the information about the kit and what it has installed and what I purchased from online to build this helicopter.

    --- I'm selling it without RX/TX and radio flight pack/battery. You only need to install your own RX and radio battery. Plug and play.

    I have a bunch of photos I can send you in zip format since there are just too many to post here.

    ================================================== =

    There is a lot you can do with this helicopter if your interested in scale. There's lots of room to add an cockpit and other items as well. I was going to make this into an Military version but I just don't have the time anymore to play around with it due to my job.
    Again if your interested then get in contact with me and we'll talk more about it.
    If your Local and in my area (Tallahassee, Fl.) and if your on the local flying club "Seminole RC Club" then come on by my residence and you can see it here and maybe I'll give you an demo flight although I haven't flown it since last November because of the sale so just being careful so nothing happens to it while it's for sale.


    Alan W.
    Tallahassee, Fl.

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