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ESC option

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  • ESC option

    So i was wondering, if you have a twin engine EDF and you have the option to put in the a10 100A ESC with thrust reverse ETC.

    1. Do you connect the throttle, the BEC and the thrust reverse trough a Y harnas to a single port?

    2. Can you connect both the EC5 connectors togheter to make it fly a single battery pack?

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    1. No, the BEC can be Y'd to either one or to any channel or open port including the bind port. The throttle and reverse have to be separate and different channels with a different switch than the throttle lever.

    2. Yes, but remember then you have all the power being supplied by one battery. This means if each motor/ ESC draws 80Amps then together that battery must be able to supply 160A.


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      So the a10 twin 80mm has 2 throttle channels?


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        I reread your #1 question. I took it as you wanted to Y ALL of them together the first time. You can Y the two throttles together and you can Y the two reverse together. The BEC can be Y'd to any or in an empty slot including the bind port.

        Originally posted by Reptielenfreak View Post
        So the a10 twin 80mm has 2 throttle channels?


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          Yea thats what i touche thank you for clearing that point.

          i need a thrust reverse function to get the jets i own to stop on time.
          but there are several twin engined i would love to have but dont have thrust reverse like the FMS SU-27 / J-11 it runs om
          • Two 3060-KV1900 edf with two 80A ESC's
          so i want to swap them with the a10 80mm 100A thrust
          ​reversing ESC's but need to know what battery i can use or cam i still use the recommanded?


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            Try it and if the battery comes down super hot you know you’ll need a better one.