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Newbie Bobs dilemma

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  • Newbie Bobs dilemma

    Morning Lads . I have a dilemma that is not truly unexpected. I began fling some nearly 40 yrs ago with a little club in Orangeville Ontario.
    Backthen I used Futaba equipment , the old crystal and clothes line peg and flew glowplug engines. Nowfamily didnt get in the way, but life did change and my hobbies disappeared. Glory be I am now retired and getting going again. Hence
    Newbie Bob at 69 yrs old.
    I am going all electric and this is where my dilemma comes into play.
    I have decided to go from the ground up and aside from an NX 8 just purchased the new
    Spektrum iX14 Tx . Now this is where my issues start because I am technology challenged according to my grandsons. I have purchased Spektrum Rx's and signed on for the AS3X and safe tech . Seemed like a good idea. I have also purchased an assortment of planes . High wing beginners and a few for the futre so they are not going to be in the disconinued lines.
    Anyway here things get more electronically muddied for me. Do I have to stay with Spektrum rx's or are others compatible with the DSMX systems. Do I need to stay with Spektrum for adding gyros etc and what about servos. Everything was analog back in the day, now they have digital too.
    ESC'S, BEC'S SBEC'S. What can mix and match and what has to be the same as my Tx.
    Yes my DVD still flashes 1200.
    Which brings me to plugs and connectors.
    EC5 EC6 XT60 Deans etc I'm sure I will need adapters . How high should I go on my ESC ratings.
    I think I understand the battery aspects for S and C and the safety rules around them and unplugging them once done flying etc.
    I imagine by now you can see my dilemma.
    So after reading books and Google is my co-pilot I am still in a foggy spot. This is where I ask for the guidance of the membership for input , answers, or direction to resources. You may think this post a bit lengthy but consider it took me an hour to write it.
    My best to all
    NEWBIE Bob

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    There are a lot of compatible receivers with DSM2 and DSMX (some called DSMP). These are Orange (they make other receivers compatible with Futaba too so be careful), Lemon, Redcom, iRanger and others. There are also clones of the Spek ones so be careful there too. Some of these also have internal gyros (AS3X) and auto level (safe) like the new Lemon. Out of the 110 or so ready to fly planes/ helo/ quads I have ready to fly about 70% use Orange and the rest split between Spek, Redcon and others.

    You can also add a gyro between the receiver and plane when using receivers that do not have internal gyros. There are a lot of different ones out there.

    Used to be you used digital or analog servos and didn't mix. Now they can be used together in the same plane.

    If you want to use SMART you need SMART compatible receivers and ESCs. Even though I only fly DSM2/X I don't use SMART. So otherwise any receiver or ESC. BECs don't matter.

    Connectors are all what you beleive. I use connectors every one po poo's... I suggest standardizing what you use and the XT line is a great line to use.


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      Cheers Evan. Very helpful info there.


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        Insofar as connectors are concerned, after over 40 years of being out of the "game", starting up again was a slow process. I was targeting only planes with certain types of ESC connectors and batteries with matching connectors. That proved difficult, so I got out my old soldering iron and started to change battery connectors to match what was on the plane and the other way around as well. As I started to get more and more planes, I got real tired of that. So, over 150 planes later, here is the top of my field tool box .............................

        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_4361.jpg
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        Almost every kind of battery/ESC adaptor possible. I just don't worry about it.

        If I see a plane I like, I get it. If I see a battery I want to try, I get it. I still do a lot of soldering but only if I have to. When I run out of storage space, I sell one if I can, give it away if I can't, tear it apart and into the garbage if I can't either of the first two. Life's way too short to be fussing over the little stuff. When I croak, it's all going into a bunch of boxes, to be sold for 5 bucks a box - motors, ESCs, EDFs, props, tools, nick knacks, plane parts, everything, OR ........................................... Like my planes, helis, etc., I tell my family to hire a big dumpster, park it on the driveway under the deck and throw it all in there. I'll leave enough in the bank account to pay for the dumpster. If my flying buddies are able to get there in time to catch stuff before it hits the dumpster, it's all free. When I'm dead, it doesn't really matter.