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Receiver Becoming UnBound w/ Radio

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  • Receiver Becoming UnBound w/ Radio

    This is going to sound weird but has anyone ever had a receiver become UnBound to a radio before?

    The reason I'm asking is about 3 months ago the ESC my Elite 70mm F-16, which I had several flights on, would not arm. As I checked everything out, I noticed the receiver didn't have the red light on. I Re-Binded and everything has been working fine. Then last Sat, my AeroScout did the same. Re-Bind it and all is good.

    Last night I was doing a final once over for the Elite 80mm F-16 Thunderbird before it's maiden today, when the ESC would not arm. No red light on the receiver. Did the re-bind bit again and everything seems ok, but now I'm wondering.

    3 different receivers and the only thing in common is my 5 year old DX9 radio. I've never had this happen in 10 years in the hobby and no one I ask has had it happen to them.

    Any thoughts on what might be happening or causing this?