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Horus X10 Express receiver

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  • Horus X10 Express receiver

    Ok, got myself an Horus X10 Express and need to get a receiver. It’s going into an FMS PA-18 Super Cub. What should I get?? I’m in information overload and have ZERO clue as to what I “should” get. I’m all about buyer for the future so going more than I need now is not a big deal. I’m 25-30 yrs out of the hobby. Plans for now include a 30cc Ultra Stick and MAYBE a p-38 if my skills support it. Again, what receiver should I get. Considering a RySky Plus either 10 or 12. Please offer guidance oh wise ones.

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    If you are using an FrSky Horus transmitter you need to get an FRSky receiver.