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Hobby Squawk HOW-TO-USE the Forum - Video Series Ideas

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  • Hobby Squawk HOW-TO-USE the Forum - Video Series Ideas

    Hey Squawkers.

    From time to time we get questions and I see comments from both new members and seasoned members on how to do certain things on Hobby Squawk. That said, I am going to be creating a youtube playlist with how-to videos on HOW-TO-USE HOBBY SQUAWK and wanted to get your ideas on what you want to see. For example, how do I insert pictures properly, how do I multiple quote people, use PM's, put a picture in my avatar. Things like this

    I have a little list already that I compiled, but I want to hear your thoughts on what you would like some help on. Once I make about 5-10 videos, I will release them all, but I will do my best to make more as needed. I will also create a thread in one of the forum sections that stickied that will always have all the videos for everyone to find easily and view when needed.

    Let me know,

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    Hi James, my thoughts would be the undercarriage and light control boxes ( I burnt out the led's in the Yak, over voltage trying to get the gear to function). You did one on the module E (I think) and advised that the D would replace it. Don't think you released the D. Customer support advised that the D is discontinued. From my experience, (Freewing F104 90 mm, Yak 130 90 mm) these two aircraft of mine, have given considerable trouble getting undercarriage to work correctly. For example Yak has 31 hours on the TX only had one 3 minute flight with gear down, the rest of the time is trying to get the gear to function. I know this is a maintenance issue and probably not what your looking for but more clear and concise info on the various controllers would be helpful. There is a lot of chatter about the various controllers and how they do and don't work. Hope this is helpful to you. Thanks.


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      One suggestion would be a video or series of videos on Initial Aircraft Set-up.

      How an aircraft is set-up can really have a huge impact on how succesfull a maiden goes and how an aircraft handles or feels in the air. Most problems with aircraft are due to improper set-up. I would be willing to bet that many CS calls could be avoided if planes were set-up better before flown.

      Topics could include:

      Servo centering
      Linkage set-up (position on servo arms and control horns)
      Electronic vs. mechanical adjustments and their affect on servo resoluton
      Control surface alignment
      Control rates and expo. (Capt Mike did a good vid on expo)
      Flap set-up
      ESC calibration


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        Let me rephrase guys, This will be a video series on How-To-Use Hobby Squawk. The actual forum as many don't necessarily know how to use certain aspects of this site.

        But tips videos like above are also noted.

        I have edited my initial post to reflet this


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          OK, nevermind the above then

          How about doing various kinds of searches.
          Posting and sizing photos