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FS/W question

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  • FS/W question

    I was browsing the FS/W section to look for a suitable EDF but most sales seem to be in the USA
    Is there a way to filter the results based on location?

    It’s such a let down when I find my perfect plane then find out it is in America!

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    I think it should be made mandatory for anyone who posts up something for sale or trade or to buy, to clearly state their location and price in the posted ad.
    I've seen ads that say, "Not willing to ship, local pickup only". Well, "Where the heck are you"?


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      Originally posted by Gerteccdes
      FS/W questions, We will be making the things according to sort your questions. I would like to find the superiorpapers solution just only because these things were perfectly mentioned for those who always giving me helping knowledge where you come and start to get the helping material.
      WHAT THE ............................... ?????
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