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Desired feature

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  • Desired feature

    I'd like to see a search function that is limited to the sub forum I'm in. For example, If I'm in Tanks and want to search 2.4G, I don't want results from all of Hobby Squawk. That said, if this function exists, I'd like a positive way to access it. Thanks!

    Oh, and auto-subscribe to a thread I post or initiate.

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    Hey Bob, when in a subforum if you use the searchbar at the top right of the page there's a little grey arrow. Click it, and you can select the option to search only in the subforum.


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      I would like to re-edit post like in RC Groups. Sometimes, I'll take a picture to add to the thread, but this forum will close the door after a period of time forcing you to make another post entry. Not the end of the world, but adds needless post if you already said something earlier and only wanted to add a picture to clarify.

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        +1 on that. I noticed that as well. A picture in an older post was missing or linked incorrectly. I was unable to edit the post to correct the issue.