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Another division....

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  • Another division....

    There's been several comments here & there that allude to a desire to have information available about building & 'owning' various aircraft sold thru MRC. Something like a 'Master Build Thread' that new owners could refer to for tips on building, possibly upgrading, even flying the models. It could also be useful for buyers wanting help deciding if this or that bird is for them.

    Have been thinking for some time now on how to get something like this started (more difficult if you don't do it from the very start) - and the recent expansion will, I think, both enable it and fit right in with where the site's looking to go, I think.

    So what I'd like to propose is, another major division of the forum, perhaps named 'The Build Bench'.
    Under this section, pilot/owners are allowed to set up a new folder about any new MRC plane they have, and he and other owners can post their information about that plane - it's assembly how-to's, faults etc found, workarounds cures & fixes....right on down to refinishing and even flying tips where warranted.

    Once a thread's started on a plane, all other comments about that particular model would go into this one ongoing thread . This would have the effect of having all information about that particular model centrally located, & easy to find. EG if FMS makes a 1400mm Zero & there's a thread, then MRC starts carrying a 1400mm Zero by Dynam....that would be a new thread.

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    Re: Another division....

    That has potential to be very useful. I like the idea of a folder for example for a specifc plane. When/and or if , Motion ever gets the Dynam Waco those that already have flown it can add their specific tips for that model. The generic tips that apply to many planes can be moved under a tips for beginners. There are many tips and solutions for mods for the FMS P 51 that can be moved to the Build Bench folder for that specific plane. The only possible drawback might be for the forum admins to go through the many existing posts to sort them and then relocate them. I am sure they have a already have a busy agenda.


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      Re: Another division....

      Ok, what do you guys think of this concept:

      Within propellers airplanes, jets and gliders there will be a sub-forum called "Official Owners Threads" (or something similar). When you click on that it will list all the models of airplanes that we carry in subcategory form. Within each subform (airplane model) you can have multiple posts.

      here is a quick example:

      click Official Owner's Threads
      all of the propeller planes will be listed there.

      I thought about just having one message for each model (like they do on RC Groups), but I felt it may be nicer to have multiple message threads for each airplane. Example, you could have a discussion about CG, a different discussion about batteries, a different discussion about build tips, etc etc.

      This is just one option, I'd like to get your thoughts.


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        Re: Another division....

        Mark, I think this idea could work but I'm a little concerned that many members will not even be aware of it to use. Right now, it seems that information is kind of scattered in multiple threads in multiple categories. It seems that most folks are like me and come up with some good information as a response to posts within a particular thread, even if the information applies to a much broader issue. Thus you find lots of good information but not necessarily easy to find as it is buried in a thread regarding a totally different question.

        I think there is one post with a title about a particular plane and has several gems of wisdom regarding plane setup (general to-do list) and pre and post flight check lists. These would apply to all planes but is lost in the one thread which I'm sure a lot of members haven't even noticed.


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          Re: Another division....


          I believe having folders related to specific models within their respective groups is a useful idea as well, as it will add greatly to compartmentalizing related information/experiences on a particular model and (hopefully) reduce the "spread" of like-minded information across multiple topic groupings.

          I know that like others, if i'm looking for tid-bits on an MRC offering that I am considering, it can become quite task-intensive to go through all of the various topics/groups to sift out a little here and a little there related to that model.

          I think that perhaps even a link to a specific models' forum folder, placed on the items splash page, would be most useful when considering the purchase of that model as well allowing instant access directly to "user" data which is typically more indepth than 'review' postings.

          I think it is equally important that members keep the information relavent to models sold ONLY by MRC as that is the intent of the specificity of the model information.

          If at some point members wish to go head-to-head on like models from different manufacturers, MRC could consider the inclution of a "Comparisons" subfolder isolating that data from the main topic data.

          AHHH, the joys of information highway growing pains......

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            Re: Another division....

            Mark, the concept is good but what I'd fear is all the work you'd be creating for yourself. Some models just won't get 'talked about' that much. Plus, increased complexity will just make the future task of keeping it maintained harder, & that thus usually falls by the wayside leaving what I consider worse than the 'scrambled' style like at RCG. A well-functioning board Search engine will help people localize info they're seeking, just searching the plane's folder. Or they can just ask, knowing other owners of that plane will be participating in that plane's folder too. (And when I say 'folder' here, I mean the 'board' for that plane, in that folder.)

            Keep it simple - let the plane owners start a new 'folder' on a given model - he doesn't have to stay around to keep it going after (if) he's run his course - new owners who come along will do that. There'll be a few stragglers who will post outside the 'net', so I strongly advise a 'move' feature (as has RCG) for the board's operations when that happens, for use as needed. You guys have more important things to do than to have to be riding herd on the board the whole time!

            Just create 'The Builder's Bench' portion of the forum for this, & see where it goes. Monitor early use, making small adjustments w/feedback to get it headed in the direction you/we'd like to see, & if well formed at the beginning should be pretty much self-sustaining.
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              It won't work, you will still have people asking for info just cause they don't want to read 1300 pages of good info already and add more fluff for those that do read when they get a new to them plane.

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                This thread topic never got of the ground and has not served any purpose in over 6 years other than to be a portal for SPAM and as such am closing it down.
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