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Mainsheet winch for 18-foot R/C sailboat

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  • Mainsheet winch for 18-foot R/C sailboat

    I'm hoping someone here has already solved the mainsheet winch/genoa sheet winch problem for relatively large boats. My buddy and I just put together a steering system for this 18-foot model that we're happy with (yeah, you heard that right; it's a 1/10 scale model of a 185-foot ship). The model used a lot of the bits and pieces he's used in his model planes, just with more torque.

    But we'd rather copy someone else's great design for a sheet winch. We figure we need about 60# of line pull for the genoa, and 24# for the mainsheet (which goes through a 3-part tackle on its way to the winch). Anyone got any ideas or links you can share?

    Eternally grateful for any assistance, A Boat Builder For 50 Years, But A Total Model Noob

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    try Servo City for robotic parts. I know that some Builda Servos can torque 500 lbs.
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