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Official Kyosho 1/10 Scale Javelin Orange 4WD Buggy - KIT Thread

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  • Official Kyosho 1/10 Scale Javelin Orange 4WD Buggy - KIT Thread

    Javelin Orange 1/10 Scale 4WD Buggy - KIT from Kyosho - KYO30618B

    Version Info: This buggy is a KIT, and as such will require electronics, paint, tires and other equipment (see Requires below for details).

    The Javelin’s design concept was to create “A machine that redefines what it means to be the best”. After more than 30 years since the original release in 1986, this electric off-road competition model has been recreated as the sixth model in the Kyosho Vintage Series. Incorporating a resin pipe-frame body resembling the innovative aluminum pipe frame body of the 1/8 scale Land Jump engine powered buggy, the new Javelin features the proven performance of double wishbone suspension with a narrow backbone-style skid frame that delivers ideal geometry for wide-angled steering. This combines with the Javelin’s superior sealed compartment 4WD chain-drive system to produce excellent performance and durability.

    At the heart of the external features that faithfully represent the image of the Javelin of 30 years ago, this Vintage Series version is packed with modern racing performance potential and is compatible with modern power sources. At the heart of the drive system is a counter gear equipped with slipper function and a final gear case made from metal to strengthen its load bearing capacity. The adoption of precision 48-pitch gear modules reduces power loss and the optimal combination of nylon and sintered alloy delivers both improved drive efficiency and reduced noise. In addition to chain drive, the drive system can also be changed to a belt system, which was optional in the original model. Also, the large diameter aluminum shocks, recreated in the original design, combine with long stroke suspension to deliver increased performance potential.

    Rediscover the joy of off-road buggy racing with the latest in racing technology and the nostalgic style of the ‘Javelin’ and it is backed by Motion RC's world-renowned customer service and technical support. Drive on!
    New Rear Wing

    The rear wing has been changed to chassis mounting to generate high downforce. The pedestal parts have been included with insert nuts to keep the wing securely fixed.
    Choice of Two Drive Systems

    Equipped with choice of two drive systems. The original 1986 version used a chain drive with an optional belt drive sold separately. Both are included as standard in this Vintage Series version.
    Slipper Clutch Protection

    The gearbox is equipped with a slipper clutch to protect the drive system from sudden impacts such as landing from jumps. It can respond to various surface conditions with simple adjustments.
    Corrosion Resistant

    Main chassis, shock stay and plates are made from 6061T6 aluminum alloy for corrosion resistance and increased strength. Countersunk flat head and tapping screws give a flush finish and reduce the number of nuts used.
    Higher Performance Shocks

    While faithfully replicating the original 1986 design, the oil shocks on the new version raise the performance with stainless steel shafts on front and rear and aluminum cylinders with bore diameter increased from 10mm to 12mm.
    Superior Durability

    Nylon double wishbone suspension with long stroke delivers superior durability and running stability in combination with the increased bore of the oil shocks.
    Adjustable Rear Toe Settings

    Replaceable inserts on the rear hub carriers allow three different toe angles (0°, 1°, 2°). Aluminum 12mm hex wheel hubs are fixed with screw pins.
    Upgraded Tires

    While staying true to the Javelin’s original design, tires feature more pins and a revised compound to ensure increased grip. Includes lightweight chrome wheels.
    • Each part has been upgraded to handle with modern power sources while retaining Javelin’s unique original design
    • New updated heavy duty aluminum inner roll bar for increased durability
    • The new wing stay is compatible with the Optima (requires some cutting of the PC body)
    • Rear wing has been changed to chassis mounting to generate high downforce
    • Just like the original Javelin, white, pastel green and fluorescent yellow colored roll cage bodies and wings are available
    • The aluminum plate on the front area of the roll cage body is now securely fixed with screws adding rigidity to the body
    • Simple yet high rigidity aluminum backbone type chassis
    • Two types of drive system can be selected. The 4WD chain system with sealed compartment that took the world by storm, or the 4WD belt system that was later released as an option
    • FRP radio plate is suitable for ESC’s of any brand
    • One-piece wheels replicate the original stylish design while delivering a reduction in weight
    • Full ball bearing specifications use 18 ball bearings. (chain drive system uses 16)
    • Hex heads ensure easy use and fastening security
    • Includes separate helmet and polycarbonate body
    • Hook and loop fastener battery stay (including battery straps printed with Kyosho logo) is compatible with various batteries and allows easy installation and removal
    • Equipped with metallic counter gear
    • Kyosho Javelin Orange 1/10 Scale 4WD Buggy - KIT
    • Chassis kit with clear body and driver figure
    • Decals
    • Hex wrenches
    • Cross wrench
    • Shock wrench
    • Shock oil
    • Grease

    Model Scale 1/10
    Length 403mm / 15.8in
    Width 240mm / 9.4in
    Height 130mm / 5.1in
    Weight (No Battery) 1700g / 59.9oz
    Wheelbase 260mm / 10.2in
    Ground Clearance N/A
    Body ABS Plastic
    Chassis N/A
    Drivetrain N/A
    Wheel Size (Diameter x Width) N/A
    Wheel Hex Size N/A
    Tire Tread Front: 204mm / Rear: 204mm
    Bushing Material N/A
    Suspension N/A
    Shock Type Oil-Filled
    Transmission N/A
    Gear Pitch N/A
    Internal Gear Ratio 9.24:1
    Final Drive Ratio N/A
    Pinion N/A
    Spur Gear N/A
    Differential N/A
    Ball Bearings N/A
    Brakes N/A
    Electronic Speed Control 45A (required)
    Motor 540 Motor (20T – 27T recommended) (required)
    Battery 7.2V 1800mAh NiMH battery (required)
    Max Battery Dimensions (L x W x H) N/A
    Servos N/A
    Radio Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter
    Lights No
    Sound No
    Water Resistant N/A
    Skill Level Intermediate
    Assembly Time 1+ Hours
    Recommended Environment Offroad