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ESC Instantly Overheating

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  • ESC Instantly Overheating

    Hi All,

    I am fairly new to the RC world and I am trying to pull together an RX buggy with the components listed below. I have soldered the ESC and Motor together as required in the instructions and when I connect the battery to test it with a receiver and remote to see if the motor turns nothing happens, the wheels turn but the motor doesn't spin.

    Instead, if I leave it 30sec to a min the ESC gets incredibly hot to the point where it will burn to the touch and it cuts out. I am not sure why this is happening but would love some help/guidance.

    Components used:

    - TrackStar 21.5T "Out Law" Sensored Brushless Motor V2
    - Turnigy 5000mAh 2S1P 20C hardcase pack (ROAR APPROVED)
    - TrackStar Sportsman 60A 1/10th Scale Sensored Brushless Car ESC (ROAR APPROVED)

    Thanks for the support

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    If you are confident that the A/B/C motor wires are accurately and properly connected between the motor and ESC, and assuming the absence of any reverse polarity, my experience says internal short/defective ESC.


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      hooked on hobbies Thanks for answering him. I agree with you, it may likely be a defective component. I'd like the OP to post a photo of his actual setup. That will help us all visually verify that something else isn't amiss.
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