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Do 1/30 Heng Long IR tanks work with other brands?

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  • Do 1/30 Heng Long IR tanks work with other brands?

    Hi all!

    So, basically, I've recently discovered this hobby, and I'm starting small with two 1/30 Heng Long IR tanks. However, there only appear to be two types available (Sherman and Pershing). So if I was to add some different types of tanks at around this scale from another company or manufacturer, I was wondering if the IR systems would actually work together (so, would a Heng Long register a hit from a non-Heng Long tank, etc.?).

    I haven't found anything online that can shed some light on this - might anybody know anything?

    Best regards,

    Robert Marks

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    No. In 1/30 scale the HL only work with HL.

    In 1/16 scale HL is compatible with Tamiya protocols and tanks that use it.


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      Many thanks for the clarification on that - I guess I'd better hope that they put out a 1/30 T-34 or the like...