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San Diego tank battle day Sunday January 22nd

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  • San Diego tank battle day Sunday January 22nd

    We are going to battle at the usual mission bay battlefield at 10am.
    Theme is axis and allies.

    im hoping to have a cool show and tell if I get it ready in time.
    RC tank parts and accessories I make

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    Just a bump and reminder about the battle

    Yes its been raining like crazy this whole weekend.

    Ive been checking the Mission Bay battlefield every day before this weekend, after the last storm on Tuesday. The dirt dried up enough to be damp and driveable and walkable by thursday and friday. It tends to dry up and soak in kinda quick at that site.

    I will continue to monitor the battlefield site this week and post a go-nogo on friday.
    Assuming we dont get any more rain once this storm passes till the battle day.
    RC tank parts and accessories I make


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      I will be ready. Have a new small project finished that is “beach” themed to bring. It will not have been fully tested so a jump straight into the “frying pan” of a SD battle day so to speak will show any weak points or issues. It will either sink or swim.....


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        USMC WW2 Pacific theater inspired theme Sherman ready for the January 2023 San Diego battle day.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	00CBE326-5139-465C-A427-8B469E3C3E64.jpg
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ID:	367352Click image for larger version

Name:	1C24D31B-C79E-47DF-80A5-56BDA59C0608.jpg
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Name:	8E540312-D269-4D65-B5C6-F0A29502BE70.jpg
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          I like it. It's almost like one of the crew was a carpenter back in the US... :)


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            The battlefield looks good to go.
            There are a couple damp spots like dry lakes and one oasis so it should be a fun and different feel for us.
            See you all on the field Sunday morning.
            RC tank parts and accessories I make