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New recruit

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  • New recruit

    Hello folks, new to the site, I have about twenty 1/16 scale tanks. I am retired US Army and I volunteer at a military museum. I build commemorative vehicles as well as use the fleet for field trips, history camp, and STEM classes to engage young folks in our community.

    My background is static model building and recently started RC tanks. I am looking for help when I get stuck and hope to be able to help others as well.

    I am from south Florida

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    1. Thank you for your service. 2. Everyone here is always willing to help.


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      An honor to serve this Great Nation!


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        Thank you for your service and Welcome


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          I have a similar story so welcome. I was in the Army and found the Fort Snelling Military Museum in Minneapolis. I volunteered there helping restore military artifacts (that is what they always referred to our vehicles as for those that don't know) for about three years before moving to Texas. I found the museum while I was searching for reference material for my now defunct 1/6th scale RC M5 Stuart. They were restoring a real M5 so it was really great to see and hear that one up close. Sadly the museum is now closed and all the artifacts have been moved to other museums.

          It was a great experience wrenching on those vehicles. I got to personally drive an M4A3 Sherman, an M26 Pacific (Dragon Wagon), an M42 Duster, an M114 APC, a Duece and a half (in deep snow around the parking lot), an M37, and a Willys Jeep. I also got to ride on the M551 Sheridan, the M41 Bulldog, and the M60A3.


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            Welcome to the group. Thanks for your service. Former Navy and aviation. Flew and restore the B-24 and the now gone B-17, 909. New to armor. This group has been great and the mission lives on.


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              Welcome to the group, and thank you for your service!


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                I'm new to the group retired Air Force just starting in rc tanks also anything rc


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                  Oh boy a new recruit! BUY MORE TANKS! Seriously though, welcome.
                  Twenty six tanks, and not done yet!


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                    My Ram LST on the way to a mission.. 17 tanks (2more in the bone yard)