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ETO Armor is no more - RIP Robert Hern

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  • ETO Armor is no more - RIP Robert Hern

    I know I had been wondering between the war in Ukraine and Covid outbreaks why we hadn't heard from Bob. This was posted today on RC Universe. Sad news. I only had a few dealings with Bob over the years, but they were all positive.

    From user Hal Husker:

    You guys do not know, I think... My Friend, great fan of RC Tanks and Battles (one of the "great people" in between us) and the owner of ETOARMOR Robert Hern passed away in December 2022. I am so surprised to see here that nobody knows about that... He was a great man, we spent with him quite some time. And a lot of things that I know about RC Tanks that is because of him. He is in my heart and will be... RIP.

    Tank-Modelling Sports' Federation (Russia)

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    I think only a couple of us on this forum know Bob and ETO armor. This forum is rather new and for the first year or two it was only henglong builds. Bob's site was almost inactive by the time this forum came on line.
    Still, as I said on the original post, I enjoyed conversing with Bob often and his products were superb. I have missed him since I lost contact with him
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