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Official RotorScale A-109 Rescue 450 Size Helicopter Discussion Thread

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  • Official RotorScale A-109 Rescue 450 Size Helicopter Discussion Thread

    Motion RC is pleased to announce our release of the RotorScale A-109 Rescue 450 Size Helicopter. This is the official message thread to post photos, videos, flight reviews and any questions about this scale 450 helicopter.

    Product Page:

    Introducing RotorScale’s new lineup for sport scale PNP helicopters! At Motion RC, we believe there is more to RC helicopters than 3D acrobatic flying, so we’re excited to bring together scale realism and modern stabilization software in an economical, user-friendly package.

    With the quality of Roban fiberglass fuselages the RotorScale 450 PNP Helicopter Series seeks to bring scale helicopter flying within the reach of pilots with basic collective pitch flight experience who are looking to move upward toward larger scale 500-800 size helicopters.

    Using a 6S 1100-1500mAh battery, fly for 5-6 minutes while exploring the flight envelope of this sport scale stabilized helicopter. The durable fiberglass bodies are finished in automotive paint and clearcoat for durability, and feature sharp panel lines, rivets, and other surface details.

    Digital servos provide precise and responsive action, and breakaway landing gear plates help divert damage during hard landings away from major frame components. If ever required, the internal frame can be completely removed from the body in a few minutes with eight screws. Fully backed by Motion RC’s world renowned service, a complete line of spare parts is available to keep you flying.

    • RotorScale A-109 Rescue 450 Size Helicopter - PNP

    Class / Size 450
    Power Type Electric
    Rotor Type Collective Pitch
    Body Material Fiberglass
    Overall Size (L x W x H) 750 x 180 x 250mm
    Empty Weight (w/o Battery) 980g
    Main Rotor Diameter 740mm
    Main Rotor Blade Length 325mm
    Tail Rotor Diameter 162mm
    Tail Rotor Blade Length 61mm
    Tail Drive Type Belt
    Cyclic Servos eMax ES09MD metal gear
    Tail Servo eMax ES9258 metal gear
    Power System 450L-1800kV Brushless Motor
    Electronic Speed Control 50A Brushless with XT60 connector
    Recommended Battery 6S 22.2V 1100 - 1500 mAh LiPo with XT60 Connector
    Required Radio 6 Channel
    Skill Level Intermediate
    Build Time 1 Hour
    Recommended Environment Outdoors
    Click image for larger version  Name:	mastera_979ddc87-d88e-4282-9f9e-b607f3d4b3df_1024x1024.jpg Views:	1 Size:	105.9 KB ID:	156473
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    My favorite 450!


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      Per the Official RotorScale UH-1A Medic Green 450 Size Helicopter Discussion Thread, It appears MRC has been at the mercy of manufacturing issues and this may or may not happen. No fault of MRC, Per another thread, someone spoke to MRC recently and was told that they have been shelved for the forseeable future due to some issues with the manufacturer. It's certain a bummer but that's life. We can only hope this eventually surfaces. Despite some of the negative comments in the aforementioned thread, MRC is by far one of the best in the business and they back up their products. Though the marketing may have been a bit premature, I still would much rather they didn't release anything until all was kosher. Thanks for all you do to make this hobby most enjoyable MRC.


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        OK, so I just had a chat with someone from MRC support online about this. He said the reason for the holdup on these is they would not all perform the same so they have been held back until the new parts arrive for the factory to do an upgrade. They just want the customer to get a good product. He says they will eventually become available but no ETA at this time. To buy something else now or not to buy....that is the question. lol


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          Okay folks, the official RotorScale 450 Instruction Manual is now available on the support page of this model or click here for a direct link. Keep in mind this is a working document so check back regularly for any updated information that may be added. We thank you for your patience and understanding.
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            Ordered! :)


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              Originally posted by ridgerunner View Post
              Ordered! :)
              Nice! Looking forward to seeing you get it in the air!


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                First a little explanation about my Helicopter skill level. I currently have 9 total helicopters. I have 2 Blade MCP-BL, Blade 180, Blade Apache, Blade 300, Blade 400 converted to FBL, Helimax Blackhawk, Align 450pro and now the A-109 Coast Guard Rescue 450.
                On all my helicopters I can fly nice smooth figure 8’s, Loops and rolls. I would consider myself an intermediate heli pilot.
                Back info to my purchase.
                I’ve been watch these since I believe November 2018 when they first announced them. The first part of May, James (MotionRC) posted a 30 minute video on setting up the ZYX-S2 controller for the new 450 helicopter line. After watching the video I decided to pull the trigger. I actually preferred the Huey but they are out of stock. My next was either the A-109 or the Airwolf. I decided on the A-109. I’m now wishing that I would have either waited for the Huey or just gotten the Airwolf. More on that later.
                The price is not great but not bad either seeing you get a decent helicopter without a FBL controller but with a nice fiberglass body. I would call it more of a APNP (almost plug and play)
                The A-109 showed up well packaged in a box in a box. The only box art was on the shipping box and looked like a simple desktop printed image B/W of the A-109. The helicopter is mostly assembled in the box needing to only put the blades on and the two tail fins. The blades were taped to the side of the inner inside box as well as a small bag holding 4 water slide decals, the two horizontal tail fins and a set of extra mechanical plastic retracts. Also taped inside of the inner box was my ZYX-S2 I purchased.
                The blades went on easy, I glued the fins in place and added the decals. Next was to connect the ZYX-S2 and add my receiver. I am using the FrSky R-XRS S-bus receiver, a SD1 S-bus to 1 PPM converter (for retracts) and a FAS40S voltage / 40A current sensor. At this point I went looking to the video that James from MotionRC did to start setting up the ZYX-S2. It was removed, THANKS. I contacted MotionRC through a chat and was told that they were going to remake it with some corrections. This was of course the week prior to Joe Nall. So thanks to RCGroup user ridgerunr, I got it all up and running.
                The helicopter looks built decent except for the retracts. It uses Emax digital servos and for the swash plate. I can’t see what type is used for the tail rotor and cheap Tower Power servos for the retracts. The retracts are total and utter crap. I had to change mine out for the spare ones that came in the bag. Those aren’t any better. The whole retract system just sucks. The wheels didn’t fit into the cutouts and just kept binding up and they never locked in so they would just collapse. I tried everything to get them to work. Now I’m just looking for something to replace the whole setup with. Curently I just have the retracts locked in place.
                The body is very nice and strong. The paint is nice and very shinny. That all comes with some extra weight though. This is my first fiberglass body so the weight was surprising to me. The canopy attaches with magnets and two alinement nubs on each side. The connection is very strong.
                The ZYX-S2 annoys me. It takes sometimes 5 times of plugging in and unplugging before it will initiate. None of my other FBL controllers give me this grief. After it finally initializes it’s ready to fly.
                First flight was just in the front yard a quick hover and check the Gyro setting. I had my setup so throttle and pitch worked together. My initial set up was conservative but not to much knowing I need enough head speed to have decent tail control. At about 70% throttle and pitch she came off the ground and hoovered in control. Gyro was close but I could tell it would need some adjustment when I get her flying around.
                Next flight was out at the field where I could expand the flight some. I kept her in the same mode as before. I did some figure 8’s and tuned the gyro out. I ened up not to far from where I started. The values ridgerunr shared were +35 in heading hold. This is for FrSky as that is what he also uses. My final value was +30.
                On the third flight I went into Stunt mode. I used constant 80% throttle and close to full cycle -100 - +100 pitch control. As before she flew fine but I noted I still ended up near 60% stick before she lifted off. I like a little more aggressive pitch control I like to be lifting off right at 50% stick. Again did some nice figure 8’s with a little more speed. The tail held true and she felt good.

                Last flight I did was back home again. I change up my pitch curve, it was better but not right just yet. I have since changed my setup. I now have an Idle up that goes to 50% throttle with almost neutral pitch. It takes 10 seconds which I might increase to 15 or even 20. Then I have Flight Mode which uses 80% throttle and a more aggressive pitch curve. Stick 0 through 40% = -100 to +20 pitch and 40% through 100% stick = +20 to +100 pitch. I have a fade in and out time from Idle up to Flight Mode at 3 seconds and 0 going from Idle up or flight mode to Throttle lock. I’m looking forward to taking her out again next weekend. Maybe I’ll get a loop or two in.

                In closing, it’s not a bad 450 scale helicopter for the buck in my opinion. Yes you don’t get a FBL controller with it but you do get a nice fiberglass scale body. If you subtract the cost of the body and mounting kit but add in the FBL unit you’re getting a 450 6s helicopter for well under $300. I would defiantly stay away from The A-109 though unless the fix the gear or you don’t mind flying with the gear down and fixed in place.

                I hope this helps someone who is looking at these new offerings and just can’t decide one way or the other. Have fun, Fly Safe and make sure to put your buddies FAA number on anything you maiden.



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                  If someone knows what satellite (it's 4 pin) to use? I have a Spektrum DX9 transmitter. My hobby shop said to do some research on this. Using a servo tester to figure out the channels. I'm using the Tarot ZYX flybarless gyro system.
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                    Anyone know what size the main gear and pinon is? I'm planing on changing out my stock head for a 5 bladed head and need to reduce the head speed. I'd like to see how far I can go with just the pinon gear before I start changing the main. Unfortunately this is no information on tooth count for either main or pinion. So if anyone knows I would really appropriate it.



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                      Main gear is 150T, and the stock pinion is 13T. Switching to 4S might give you an appropriate reduction in headspeed. You might also considering switching ESCs to a HobbyWing V4 with active freewheeling. That will allow you to govern at much lower headspeed (down to 55%). I would also buy some Trex 470 tail blades if you have enough tail clearance. You will definitely need the extra authority with the 5 blade head. Also, you’ll want to use thin chord blades if possible to keep the torque (and TR power) to a minimum. I would either use these: or these:


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                        Thanks for the info. Yep already decided to go 4s, I'm also thinking of changing out pinion to 12T. with the 13T running 1800 rpm I have 32% motor headroom with 12T it's at 26% at 1800 and 18% at 2000 if I have to go that high. I think if I just change out the pinion ($8.00 part) I can not worry about anything else. I definitely want some thin cord blades and have been looking for some in 315mm. I really don't like the CopterX blades I have dealt with them before and wasn't happy with the plastic blades. I did buy some wood 315mm I'm going to try but I would like to get a set of CF 315 thin cords like I have on my MD530. I just don't know who makes them or where to get them.

                        Thanks again for the info.


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                          Found the blades I want. they are Carbohobby BL-320-C they come in sets of 4 right looks like the only place I can buy them is ehirobo.


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                            Originally posted by Gravythe clown View Post
                            Found the blades I want. they are Carbohobby BL-320-C they come in sets of 4 right looks like the only place I can buy them is ehirobo.
                            Oh yeah, those are nice blades. I run the 425mm versions on most of my 500 size helis.


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                              Originally posted by Skyboom View Post
                              If someone knows what satellite (it's 4 pin) to use? I have a Spektrum DX9 transmitter. My hobby shop said to do some research on this. Using a servo tester to figure out the channels. I'm using the Tarot ZYX flybarless gyro system.
                              No, the 4 pin connector on the controller is for the data cable. You can use a spektrum, or lemon satellite. They are 3 pin. You will need a jst to servo converter cable to plug the satellite to the zyx. Do yourself a favor, and ace the zyx for a mini kbar.


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                                So I just flew it on 4S as is stock mechanics only, no fuse. It flew nice and scale with a 90% throttle fixed speed. It also flew good at 60% throttle just a little more sluggish. O vibrations at all. So now I’m waiting for my 5 blade head, 315mm blades, 12T pinion and 74mm tail blades. I think after all this I’ll have a nice flying scale 450 size MD500e.
                                I'm now thinking to add the nav lights too.



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                                  I just got my Heli. I bought the MicroBeast and a dsx compatible satellite to go with it. This is the same setup as my 450 T-Rex with one change. I don’t know how to hook up the gear? Any suggestions?


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                                    Just received mine, looks nice 😁

                                    No manual included in the box, but i guess anyone with some "intermediate" skill level, can figure it out.

                                    Some confusion about the 6S vs 4S battery, seems like the "old" version needed a 6S battery (as per manual on the site), mine (newer ESC) needs a 4S which does show on the product page (but if you read the manual first, you might get confused)


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                                      does anyone know the number of magnets of the 1800 RPM motor?