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Official RotorScale MD500E Police Blue 450 Size Helicopter Discussion Thread

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    Thanks guys. I went over everything again and paid special attention to blade grip and tracking (everything looked really good) as well as phasing. Thanks Gravy and CM. Then it dawned on me. What if my cyclic gain was too high for my current setup? Sure enough, I went back and re-read the gyro setup. I had NOT re-adjusted the pod for the cyclic. The instructions caution that too high of a gain on the cyclic will cause the type of "wobble" (they correctly call it oscillation) I am experiencing, just like a tail that is "wobbling" and not holding heading is likely caused by too much/too little gyro gain thereby causing oscillation. The instructions PLAINLY state that especially in 450 size and smaller helis this is not uncommon. Then I had an unpleasant memory flashback to school days long, long ago and a professor reminding me to RTDB (read the damn book). Yet another senior DUH moment :). I had no time to do a flight test last evening and test this. Keeping my fingers crossed that it is a simple fix.
    Last edited by Larry D; Mar 27, 2020, 06:49 AM. Reason: UPDATE: I couldn't wait. I HAD to try the cyclic gain adjustment and wow what a difference. This little heli is now just about rock solid. A few more minor adjustments to trim. It is said that confess


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      I couldn't wait. Beautiful no wind morning. Lowerd the cyclic gain from 100% (it is a 50 to 150 scale) to about 70% and what a difference. No more/very little wobble/oscillation. A few more minor tweaks and I think it will be rock solid. Lesson learned - RTDB!!! Thanks again for the help gentlemen. All good reminders that when you have checked everything, check it again.


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        Holy cow you had you cycle Maxed out? That will do it definitely. I’m using the microbeast plus. And all the of my cycle gain, cycle feed and tail gyro response are all right around the 50% mark got my 450 size helis. On my Huey my tail gyro response is like 60%.

        glad to here you got her sorted out.



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          It wasn't "maxed" but it was midway on the scale of 50-150. Effectively default (100). LOL - Yeah that'll do it on a 450! Also running the Microbeast Plus (v5). I think I am going to drop it a bit more and see if I get exactly what I want. Kickin' my butt for not even thinking of that to begin with.