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Roban 412 tail gear slop

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  • Roban 412 tail gear slop

    Good afternoon!

    Brand new to Roban helicopters. I have a LAFD 412 and have noticed quite a bit of slop between the rear drive and the tail itself. There was a thread which I tried to follow, but the link came up to something like "private viewing". Can anyone, please, make any suggestions? Also, what are you all running for flybarless. I currently have a BD Axon on it, but it is way over my head, as to workings and setting up. Thank you!

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    Welcome model 299! Look at Miscellaneous Topics in Helicopters for the “Tail gear shims..who needs ‘em?” thread. That will give you a start toward eliminating that slop.

    I must confess the Bavarian Demon 3X bested me, much less the Axion version. Never made peace with it. I’m a solid Microbeast X fan but do like the Ikon 2BT also. I have one Ikon that’s flawless but have one with an unresolved glitch so don’t trust them now.


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      Thank you, so very much, for the welcome and the advice! I'm new to the whole scale helicopter discipline. I've tried to watch every YouTube video I can. This has definitely got me perplexed.

      I have an Ikon in the Magnum, but that is one of the 600 conversions, and that was given to me. Thank you, again, for your help!