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Reducing motors (X-BL 52S) response time considering the quad-copter controller

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  • Reducing motors (X-BL 52S) response time considering the quad-copter controller

    Hi guys,

    I am trying to implement my flight controller algorithm on a quad-copter using four hacker motors, X-BL 52S. That being said, I have the following questions and I will appreciate if you could answer them:

    - In my controller the motors response time (the time necessary for a motor to reach the desired speed) is very important, the lower the better, based on some preliminary tests I did with the drone, it seems that the response time of the motors is about 50 ms to 100 ms in an on to on scenario (when motor is rotating = on) and about 300 ms to 400 ms in an off to on scenario (when motor is stopped = off). What do you think about this? Can reach to a lower response time?

    - It seems that the motor I am using (X-BL 52S) is kind of old, do you suggest other types of motors useful for my purpose? With a lower response time?

    - So far I am testing the motors through some high level controller, but I thought that might cause some delay and perhaps it is better to test the motors directly with a board such as Arduino Uno, what is your suggestions?

    - Basically what is the possible frequency for changing the motor speed?