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My latest project - Diatone Taycan 6S Cinewhoop

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  • My latest project - Diatone Taycan 6S Cinewhoop

    I've been wanting to check out FPV for a good while, I figure no time like the present. If we're gonna be FAA Outlaws soon, may as well have something for them to really complain about huh? LoL

    So I recently picked up a Diatone Taycan 6S Cinewhoop quad, with the intent of it being a nice and steady platform for my GoPro Hero 8. As a long time Spektrum user, I thought what the heck, I'll just get the 4650 micro receiver and bind this thing up to my iX12...

    Well, that KINDA worked... I was certainly able to get the quad flying using the iX12, right up until I was filming an aerial tour of my flying field and poof, signal loss, quad falls out of the sky. Not sure why to be honest, but our field does have some signal issues, especially where I was flying.

    There were other minor issues as well, enough for me to realize that if I wanted to achieve a control link that was going to never fail me, I probably needed to look elsewhere. So, I started looking at Crossfire. Now, I'm totally new to this world, but as far as I knew I could connect a Crossfire module to my iX12 and be good to go. Except that apparently these Crossfire modules are like RC Gold in the world of multirotor FPV, and everywhere I looked, the modules were sold out. And they were $208, kinda steep I thought...

    And then I found this little Crossfire Micro TX V2, a JR Module that can plug into an OpenTX transmitter. Ugh, OpenTX, never used it, had no desire to learn it... But, the more I looked, the more it made sense... The Crossfire Micro TX V2 with a Radiomaster TX16S Transmitter with an internal multiprotocol module was only $149.99 and the Micro TX V2 was $69.99... So for $219.98 I was able to get a nice (although unfamiliar as heck) transmitter with a Crossfire module that must have been the last one on the planet cause as soon as I hit the crazy button it was out of stock.

    After a bit of learning I am happy to say I have the Radiomaster TX16S working perfect with the Crossfire Micro TX, installed a Crossfire Nano Rx into the quad, got everything bound up and programmed, and what do ya know... Color me VERY impressed with not only the Tx and Module, but also with quads in general. Having never really flown a bigger quad before, I didn't really know what to expect. These things are an absolute blast! I'll be honest, I was one of those guys that used to give people crap about flying quads and FPV and whatever, but I'll keep my mouth shut now. It's pretty awesome...

    And good jeeze, the Crossfire module is wicked. With my iX12 I could see the RSSI values jumping all over as I flew the field... With Crossfire I am absolutely pegged at 99-100% link quality where I fly, no matter where I go on the field. Now that's impressive! Noticeably lower latency, much better link quality, and here's the kicker, when I purchased the Micro TX V2, it was pretty nice and capable of 250mW output power. Fair enough, far more than what I'll need. But, oh no, Team Black Sheep, those guys are on a mission... Through a software update alone, my Micro TX V2 is now capable of 1W output power, in a tiny little package! I may never turn it up that high, but dang, that's impressive for such a small box! I was so impressed with Crossfire, that I went ahead and picked up a Tango 2 transmitter as a backup for the Radiomaster. And ultimately, who knows, maybe the Tango 2 will end up being the primary Transmitter for Crossfire, and the Radiomaster will be the backup for both Crossfire models AND Spektrum.... And FrSky, Futaba, Graupner, Tactic, JR, and a whole littany of others the multi protocol module can pair with.

    Anyway, I am pretty stoked! This project definitely has quenched my thirst for knowledge for now, and I am really happy with the outcome! I've learned so much, become a lot better with soldering... Had to learn BetaFlight, OpenTX, several new pieces of software for OpenTX, BetaFlight, and BL Heli, learned how to fly a whole new discipline of RC I had never experienced before, playing with a new simulator (Liftoff - on Steam), and having a ton of fun along the way!

    Always be willing to expand your horizons! You may find yourself pleasantly surprised with just how fun those things are that you "don't like" :)

    Happy flying folks!

    "The RC Air Marshall"
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    It's amazing to me how cinewhoop and similar platforms can fly cameras that large while achieving speeds that fast, yet maintaining a level of durability/survivability that high.

    I completely agree that the learning curve (OpenTX, BetaFlight, etc) may take a while for some, but it's worth it.
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      Open source radios are a rabbit hole, but the work the dev teams do is nothing short of black magic. Hard to believe I've got a radio that can seamlessly switch between spektrum, frsky, flysky and now 915Mhz stuff at the click of a few buttons. Great being able to pick and choose from their different features depending on the build.

      But geez, the definition of a cinewhoop has moved on pretty quick - 6S lol?

      Highly recommend an FPV wing if the bug bites - the Dart 250g on a 2S Li-ion pack is good for almost an hour of flight time. All within line of sight of course.


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        I, too, have been getting into FPV lately. Started with a BetaFPV Meteor65 and its been a great whoop to learn with. A lot of fun to take it to the park across the street and fly thru the trees. Stepping up to a 3 inch quadcopter that should be here next week. Even tho my passion is airplanes/helicopters, this side of the hobby has been a lot of fun too when I can't get to the field.


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          I agree CM_Aero , I try not to turn my nose up at any side of the hobby. I've really been enjoying quads and FPV!