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Drones... Drones.... and more Drones... God Lord!

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  • Drones... Drones.... and more Drones... God Lord!

    I purchased so many drones. I'm just trying to find one that worth a crap! (or actually is what "they say it is). There are so many scams out there. I have an entire plethora of parts, junk cameras, you name it. When I had the opportunity to fly the DJI, I have to say. I was impressed. I just wasn't into drones at the time, nor did I want to deal with idiots... That's a pun for Customer service. If you are going to purchase a $1000.00 dollar drone. (read, understand and absolutely know the manual)...! Most guys just don't take the time. Any-who. I'm experimenting with several different drones. I love camera work to a degree. It's time I use it! I've taken the easy way out way too long. Anyone with any real knowledge of drones and camera work. Please feel free to chime in here. Thanks. Matt