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  • Hello, NEED HELP

    hello everyone, I'm new here, first of all, forgive me if I write something wrong, English is not my first language, so I would like to ask for advice, although it may not be directly related to this topic, but any advice is welcome and I thank you in advance, I asked the same question in group rc helicopters, it's about the following, I've been looking at professional drones for spraying in agriculture for some time, but they're too expensive for me, so I'm wondering if RC models would be suitable, if a spraying device were to be placed on them, it is necessary to carry an additional load of some 5-7 or 2-3 kg (depending on the price) I would install the devices and batteries for spraying separately, that part for spraying does not have to be included in the kit at all, I would make it myself, so it should be if anyone knows where I can buy RC drones that can carry that load, together with a GPS and a controller that could control the flight path along a predetermined path that I would load from the computer or already in some way if it exists at all in the RC world like in professional drones and if there is, you can tell me which rc drone models together with a compactable controller would be suitable for this? you don't need a rtk signal more than 0.5 m away is not a problem, thank you in advance is this ewen posible? chine drones are abaute 2500$