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Advice on FPV Flight Controllers

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  • Advice on FPV Flight Controllers

    Hey!! I've been diving deep into FPV flight controller lately, particularly interested in the MEPS F7 HD and MEPS F7 FC. I understand the importance of choosing the right flight controller for optimal flying performance and overall experience. I'd love to hear your recommendations and experiences.

    First off, has anyone here had hands-on experience with either the MEPS F7 HD or MEPS F7? If so, how would you rate their performance? Do they truly deliver exceptional flight performance and stability as advertised?

    Additionally, I'm open to suggestions for other FPV flight controllers. I'm aiming to explore the best flight controller available on the market, so any insights or experiences you could share would be greatly appreciated.​

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    can't claim to have a lot of experience with various brands to offer a recommendation... i am interested in your build since i'm not familiar with MEPS.

    the couple of "from scratch" quad builds i've done were exclusively T-Motor electronics and motors.

    my last build was with the T-Motor F7 FC with F55A Pro II Esc combo (30 x 30) with Velox Veloce motors on a GepRC 5" race frame. currently using Gemfan Hurricane props on this build.
    the out-of-box tuning on the FC was pretty good, but i did turn down the PID values a little because it wasn't happy doing power loops.

    prior build to that was a mini F7 with F45A Esc combo (20 x 20) on a Hyperlite Floss 5" frame, also with Velox Veloce motors. turned down the out-of-box PID values on this one also. (think i started with HQ R35 props, but have likely changed to something else by now)

    otherwise, mostly fly iFlight RTF pre-built quads... couple of Nazguls and a Mach R5. have to say out of all of them, the Mach R5 is a badazz and probably my fav. no issues with any of the electronics or motors used by iFlight.
    Also have a Diatone Roma F5 that has Mamba electronics, but really don't fly it because it just seems heavy and has 4s motors.