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DJI Spark worth it besides battery shortcomings

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  • DJI Spark worth it besides battery shortcomings

    I really like the DJI Spark but can't see paying about $750 for combo pack and another battery when battery life is about a consistent 12 or 13 minutes. I am curious to hear other thoughts on the subject?
    Although my current quad (Hubsan H501S) gets about 20 minutes but it is much bigger than the spark.

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    While this is an old topic (I wasn't over here on Hobbysquawk yet, last September), I can say that I really enjoy my Spark. One of the reasons I bought it is that it's small enough to put the entire set-up (Drone, controller, charger, two batteries, spare props, etc.) in my carry-on bag when we travel by air. I have a Phantom 3, and its backpack would be a carry-on all by itself. Since we most often fly somewhere for scuba diving, we have to watch our luggage closely to make sure we stay within the limits imposed by the airline, or else face a substantial surcharge.

    Yeah, I typically get about 12 minutes of flight out of the Spark, but for its size, it takes some very nice video. I keep an eye on the battery level, which I do with the Phantom as well, and especially that little 'H' circle under the "remaining flight time" estimate bar, which indicates my "you'd better be returning home by this point" battery level.

    These two videos were shot with my Spark.



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      Second Video:


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        I have the Mavic Air. Wouldn’t get anything different. Perfect size and does everything the bigger drones can do.


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          Mavic Pro here... just over a year now. Although it has been shelved while learning the fixed wing remote. I still love to break it out now and then just to fly in sport mode and help rebuild my confidence in the air.
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            I've been using the DJI Spark for months now. I dont have any problems with the batteries since it usually only takes me a few minutes to get the shot that I want. The camera is definitely worth it. Ill post some pictures once I get my hands on my laptop.


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              Hi guys i just joined up great community you have here, so i just stumbled across this post and wanted to comment, I actually chose the spark over the mini because it is more like it's bigger brothers, it uses the dji go 4 app, has quick release props, active track because it has font obstacle avoidance this was something i really wanted and combo deals can be found at a great price now as it's no longer sold new, the mini took a few steps forward but to many back because of the weight saving!! , I can live with 12 minutes flight and the 2 axis gimbal at the moment this was not a deal breaker for me it still produces some great videos and it handles the wind slightly better :), my most recent video here with sparky :)