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Aircombat World Championship 2020

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  • Aircombat World Championship 2020

    Dear all,
    the greatest and biggest Aircombat competition of the year. Two classes, WWI and WWII will be flown. Additional Award vor the WWII Top Fighter! - see

    It will take place in Germany from Aug 4. To Aug 8th 2020 in Ballenstedt

    Hope to see many fellow Aircombat Pilots there.

    This is a must see - must participate - for all fast paced model contest Warbird lovers. :)

    Best regards

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    Aww man, that sounds really nice! A few years ago I got to travel to Europe for a few RC events and had the pleasure of driving through Germany. We went to an event in Coburg and it truly was an experience I will never forget. Do you have any pictures of what the past event look like? Or what you will be flying at the show? Nothing better than some beautiful WW1 and WW2 aircraft on the eyes.

    Thanks so much for Joining hobbysquawk and welcome. Hope to see you in some other threads


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      Hi James,
      thanks for the comments. We fly two different classes. WW2 based Warbirds in 1:12 scale and WW1 based Warbirs in 1:8 scale. We fly both IC and electric planes in the same rounds. Electric is on the rise!

      I have attached some pictures (Source Daniel Lux) , which show some impressions from the WASG 2018 in the Czech Republic

      You can see the action from small regional contests on Youtube.

      WW2 action:

      WW1 action: from a very small contest, but a nice video with onboard footage

      In 2020 we fly the WASG in Germany and expect about 120 pilots in the WW2 class and about 50 in the WW1 class.

      From your product line up the Flightline FW190D would fit as well as the TA 152. I'm going to test the FW190D in combat this year.

      And BTW: It is 7 min per round. Which is 7 min of pure Adrenalin and fun !!!

      Best regards