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Joe Nall

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  • Joe Nall

    Will Motion be attending Nall this year? Motion is not listed in the vendor list so I’m thinking not, which is a shame because it’s always awesome to see everyone and everything for sale in person!

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    Yes, looking for Motion RC at Nall 2023. Where are you guys?


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      Unfortunately we could not get there this year. We had hoped to go and just fly, film, and have fun with all the pilots but just couldn't get there. Even if we went though, we wouldn't sell at the event. We don't really have the logistics to transport loads of products to events to sell. When we "vend" at some events, we are display/demoing models and direct everyone to our website.

      We hope to head to Nall in the Fall at the end of the year with the expectation to get back to regular Nall next year.


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        Thank you for the update James.