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National Aviation day in El Paso, Las Curces, Alamogordo Aug 2023!

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  • National Aviation day in El Paso, Las Curces, Alamogordo Aug 2023!

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    Opening of the National Model Aviation Day! And on this years event 3 clubs got together and flew as one. The Alamogordo R/C club, my club the El Paso radio controllers, and our host, the Mesilla Valley Model Aircraft Club in Las Cruces NM. Also this year even RedBeard came down from Albuquerque to plant the flag from his club in the great north.

    My 2nd flight on the day, and I went up with Redbeard. Who went mercenary black, with his A-10. These kinda events, seem to bring out the soldier of fortune in him.


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      Here on my 3rd flight up, I got to see Red-Beard's new Yellow Breasted Sky Jumper. AKA the f-16 fighting Falcon.


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        In this 4th flight, I find RedBeard, again with a blacked out F-22 jet. The government admits to aliens, and now blacked-out war planes. Uh, I'm seeing a pattern. And redBeard is in on it!


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          On this flight up, RedBeard took his B2 Bomber. If you've seen my other flights with him you'd know he has gotten quite fond of it. Also, to any of you who see me at the fields I magically pop up at. Just know that if you want me to film you, I'd love it! I just likes to be asked. Some people don't like drones.


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            At the National flying event, on this flight, I got to fly with Alamogordo's club pilot, Ernie again. And he brought back his OV-10 Bronco for a round 2! Along with flying radio aircraft, Ernie also fly's the real thing. He seems to have a passion for both beyond his years. I think he does it to get the girls.


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              This is it. This is the end. We knew it would come to this. The last flight up. And my biggest mistake. I didn't take down the name of the pilot. I'm soo sorry. I went up with the E-flite EC-fifth-teen hundred. This event was fun. I love to see the flying done by people who love to fly. To the 3 pilots I filmed, Thank you. To the ones he missed, please, ask me and I will. I really am an easy catch. Mesilla Valley Model Aircraft Club