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AMPS Warbird/Classics

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  • AMPS Warbird/Classics

    I hear the guy at Arizona's Premier Model Aviation (AMPS) are goanna have their event again on Oct 25, 26, 27 2024. I went to last year and did some filming (I put them up here as well. They didn't ask me to do this. But I had such a good time I would love others to go also.

    I went from El Paso TX. There are very nice area's right there near the field. I stayed at the Hampton. I think it was about 4 or 5 mile from the site. They where setup for RV's at the sight also! I'd love to see more pep their if I make the trip!

    Now I don't do it for any kind of money but if you see me there (you can't miss the drone buzzing around) I'd love to film it! Just ask, even if I'm standing around running my mouth. LOL Most times I have my laptop with me and I can trans the vid to you. And again I DO NOT CHARGE! (But you do need your own flash drive. lol) I fly for fun and I love to chase. Making Vids just helps me show off what I see when I fly with these planes.

    As I said the guys of AMPS didn't ask me to post this. I haven't even called them to see if I'm welcome to do it again and it's too early for me to know if I'll even make it. But don't let this stop any of you! They have a showing but it could always be bigger. I think a lot bigger!

    Hope to see me there seeing YOU!

    Event Page here!