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Just curious...

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  • Just curious...

    Is anyone else a fan of the show Airplane Repo? I've only just recently discovered this show on our cable network, myself. I did some auto repo work back in the day, but these guys got some huge brass balls! Just watched them repo a Piper Pawnee. That owner came running, pulled his pistol, and fired shots at the Cessna 150(?) chaser plane. Hit the fuel line and Kevin Lacey (the main repo guy) got it back on the ground in good time. Some scary schit in there, but some very cool birds.
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    Some of that on reality shows is made for the show and not real life, cameras already setup in places as they jump in the plane and take off, entertaining yes, fan meh. R.
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      I watched part of an episode when these first aired. I liked the airport locale for the other planes in the background, but the way the show progressed, it felt too staged, too much drama, too much scripting. I even got the impression that is was all done with actors and not the real people involved in the case. Then came the "Real Housewives of ....... ". Nothing real about any of them - fake boobs, fake lips, fake faces, fake butts, fake and very vain people. Anyway, I never watched another episode of the plane repo.