2000mm Giant Scale B-24 - Silver

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A larger Catalina Flying boat needed!

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  • A larger Catalina Flying boat needed!

    Wasn't really sure where to post this so I'm starting here.

    Having just finished building the Flightline P38 it occurred to me that with the same counter rotating motors and props I bet a large PBY Catalina could be built and marketed.

    I owned the Dynam Catalina for a few years until it flew it into a tree but never replaced it as it really is a pond boat. It would be great to have a larger version that could handle some small waves, say up to 4 inches or so. It wouldn't need wheels as we could just fly it off a beach or off a boat as in my case. Basically a larger version of the Dynam only with better construction and counter rotating props.
    Without the cost of retracts etc. I bet this could sell for a very reasonable price and as a relatively easy plane to fly would be attractive to many.

    There seems to be not much choice available in the flying boat category, specially for larger versions.

    I'm missing that Catalina: would love a bigger one!

    Thanks for listening!

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    great idea......... I'd be all over a FL 16-17 hundred sized PBY with the same power sys that the Tigercat and Lightning both use.
    Make the wing tips removable just outside the cowls for transport.
    What you think of that Alpha
    Warbird Charlie

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      As a hardcore Dynam PBY owner (4 of them) I agree 100%!
      TiredIron Aviation
      Tired Iron Military Vehicles


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        Thanks for your support guys! You know, there is a lot of history surrounding the PBY's in the Pacific war acting as rescue boats for downed fliers. Other squadrons such as the "Black Cats" did night raids on the enemy dropping bombs and machine gunning. There is potential here for MRC to memorialize another great WW2 aircraft and it's intrepid pilots.
        There is also the story of PBY's being shipped to the Russians during the war under the lend lease program. All these stories have potential for decals and personalization.

        I just read an interesting book from Amazon Kindle called "the Rescue Man" about a young pilot, Bud Hayes from Idaho, who served as a rescue pilot. A fascinating story if you like WW2 American history and want to know more about the Catalina's use in the Pacific war. The book is written by Henry Lowenstein his great uncle.

        Cheers! Bluebird


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          I'll pay a lot for retracts and retracting floats.


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            Completely agree. A big PBY with retracts and tip floats would be a winner! And maybe the retract mechanism could be tweaked for a Grumman Goose later down the road as well..


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              Ya, the Catalina would be awesome in large super scale with retracts optional. While they are doing that one, they should do the same in a Canadair CL-415


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                Well the retracts can be done at a reasonable cost just like the flyzone seawind. I would love to see it as a 1700mm