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Panzer 1 A (x 2)

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  • Panzer 1 A (x 2)

    Is there an AA (Armorics Anonymous) for people like me?

    I decided to start a number of projects, all requiring the acquisition of parts from many sources - eBay, China, Spain, Hungary, etc. One never knows when they'll show up, so I work on whatever I have parts on hand for. Two projects are Takon 1:16 Panzer 1A's, one a DAK scheme and the other a Panzer 1A Breda from the Spanish Civil War. The latter is a Mig Ammo special edition based on the Takom kit.

    For both of these, I wanted to utilize an upgraded gearing system, as my previous Panzer 1B using a Heng Long 1:30 transmission works but took a lot of tinkering to do so. I'd seen someone use gearboxes from an Arduino robot tank chassis kit. I ordered two from Hong Kong, and a Takom Panzer 1A from Singapore. Both showed up recently.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	PzKpfw 1A 05.jpg
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    First and critical order of business was to ensure I could install the gearboxes into the hull. Bottom line is yes! It requires removal of some of the gearbox casings to fit hull front and top, but that was done in an hour or so, thanks to Mr. Dremel's invention. The Arduino motors are originally powered by four AAA batteries, max 4.8 volts. I'm using a Heng Long 1:30 tank main board which runs on a 1S lipo, max 4.2 volts, so they are compatible.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	PzKpfw 1A 04.jpg
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    So, looks like I can proceed. Right now, the boxes are secured by double sided servo tape, but ultimately they'll be glued in.

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    So far so good. I assembled the suspension, and tracks for one side, all works well. The photo shows the cutout on the gear boxes, and the hull front which required the cutouts. The black hubs you see in the preceding photo were cut down and sanded flat, and the sprockets were glued to them. You can also see that the battery and main board don't take up much room.I removed the speaker housing from the Sherman and glued it to the rear. The enclosure amplifies the volume. I'd drilled some small holes in the back but it isn't very apparent.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	PzKpfw 1A 06.jpg
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      Nicely done!


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        Another progress report: literally one hour after I finished assembling the plastic track links, the mail carrier brought a set of metal tracks! I'd ordered them from Beijing China so I had no idea when they would arrive. So I did a full court press and assembled them in a couple of days, because I wanted to see how they would perform. Verdict: excellent. They are more flexible than the plastic links, so the tank runs smoother. They went together with minimal fuss. It's like knitting, just go along in a trance, and sooner or later it's done.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	PzKpfw 1A 07.jpg
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          Looking really good. I enjoy your ingenuity.