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King Tiger cracks

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  • King Tiger cracks

    got King Tiger Torro from Motion RC Tuesday. discovered 2 cracks in rear exhaust panel near bottom on each side. I have another KT2 that had the same problem I got from IMEX. decided to glue the 1st one from IMEX using thick superglue. seems to be holding up. 2nd KT2 from Motion looks a little worse. don't know if repairing is a good idea. would ABS glue do the job? thinking these cracks come about during manufacture parts being forced together. don't know if think weakens the drive idler etc. got pictures if I can figure out how to attach them.

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    That sucks! Did you talk to Erik @ IMEX about this? You literally stop me cold in ordering one, I barely got past the bouncing barrel on KT, but the cracks in the tub is something else. My other Taigens are with full metal tubs so I haven't seen cracks such as this.

    Hope this can be resolved even though cracks can be fixed, but no one wants to see cracks after just receiving the toy.


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      this new KT2 is from Motion RC today. haven't contacted anyone at Motion until I see what others think about this. smart move might be to return instead of repairing it, assuming it can be repaired. I got the bb version a long time ago & glued it. seems to be ok but might not be so smart. don't know that I want another replacement because this seems to be a common problem with this Torro KT2.


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        Granted this is 3 years old, but this sample appeared to be free of cracks in the backplate

        and the unpainted product shot on Motion's site seems ok as well.


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          Just curious, is the King Tiger you got from MotionRC the desert sand camo like in the pictures or is it a two tone camo like this one below?

          Also, do you have any pictures of the whole tank?


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            xargsgrep We are selling the desert sand colorway, as shown on the website. We might add other colorways eventually, but details are currently undecided. As requested, here is a full view of the tank:

            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20210721_160756.jpg
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Size:	176.9 KB
ID:	319536

            tanks for us I had the US Warehouse team open up a King Tiger off the shelf, and it doesn't have cracks. I recommend you contact the CS Team.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	20210721_154134_HDR.jpg Views:	0 Size:	123.2 KB ID:	319534
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              from talking to Motion, et al, I'm going to glue the seams onthe KT2 cause I feel it's. more cosmetic than a functional problem


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                if it does get worse I'll just replace the rear plate & be done with it. ironically these 1/16 German tanks have some of the same quirks as the real ones did & have to be dealt with. tanks everyone. also the new PanzerIV is impressive. I was never a big fan of the PZIV until this one. I got the camo version, it's the best looking tank I have.