2000mm Giant Scale B-24 - Silver

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Tamiya 1:14 King Hauler

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    Numbers are in and it’s official, this thing is fast. I did three passes in both directions on smooth pavement and my gps gave me these numbers.
    1st gear: 5.1MPH = 71.4 scale mph.
    2nd gear: 8.0 MPH = 112.0 scale mph
    3rd gear: 11.2 MPH = 156.8 scale mph
    that’s with the box trailer on. This thing should really have a “smokey and the bandit” paint scheme!!
    It’s great that in 2nd or 3rd gear if you let off the throttle fast you get a brrrrttt of the Jacobs engine break. So cool!

    The Arocs Tipper truck is slower as suspected but still no slouch, so jump over to that post to see those numbers.


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      Sorry I just saw I never answered your first questions. Yes I used the Tamiya light and sound system in my truck. You can find it on e-bay and amazon for under $300 but it will take 3-4 weeks to get it. It works and it's easy to install. That said I will not buy another one. I have been working on a DIY sound and light controller card. You can choose several different truck engine sounds. It even does car, truck, airplane, tank, and a train sounds. Buying the parts in lots of 5 or 10 you can get everything for about $140 (yes that's will get you 10 cards) and then you need to build your LED wire set up. Again very cheap. More information on the sound card can be found on you tube, search for "TheDIYGuy999" Where are you in CO?


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        Rudinater I am in Colorado Springs. I will definitely check out that DIYguy. I know that MFC unit is pricey but if it lasts it will be worth it. There are several features that I absolutely love about it with the shaker unit running in unison with the RPM and the jake brake sound when you let off the throttle fast, the coupling and uncoupling sounds as well as during idle getting the air release sound. It’s like music to my ears. But I’m really curious to see what can be done with that diy unit. Do you have a trailer yet for your king hauler?


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          The DIY board has every one of those features. Plus the ability to select either of the following engine sounds;

          - CAT 3408 V8 Diesel
          - Detroit Diesel
          - Kenworth W900
          - International DT-466
          - Scania V8
          - Scania R500 V8
          - MB Actros V8
          - many more for cars, crawlers, airplanes and even airplanes.

          Several different horns to chose from

          The ability to turn off the turn signal tick tock sound. :-)

          Different shaker settings

          Works with PPM, PWR, Sbus Receiver interfaces.


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            Colorado Springs - Cool any other truck owners in the area? I was just looking at homes in Colorado Springs. I looking at Boise but there are very few homes for sale in Boise. Colorado Springs would be another option if Boise does not work out.


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              No other truck owners that I’ve come across in the area. But I am getting a couple friends interested in the construction end of it and they are looking at the excavator so I’m hopeful.


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                I can’t help myself! I broke down and got the motorized support legs. I just love all the accessories you can get for these semis and trailers! Again this would be easier to install when doing the initial build on the truck and the trailer but the disassembly and reassembly isn’t terrible. This install requires another servo on the semi (not included in the kit) and some modifications to the fifth wheel. Since I had already installed the MFC-01 and the special fifth wheel that came with that kit I returned to those MFC instructions and it told me what parts from the motorized legs kit to install on that same fifth wheel. Easy enough. Now like all of tamiya’s kits this is truly a full kit build accessory. Take a look at the photos and you’ll see what I mean. The gear box and battery boxes all have to be assembled and wired. Now the kit doesn’t say to solder anything and it shows you how to put it together without soldering but I highly recommend soldering your wiring to assure good conductivity. (MRC has a couple really nice soldering station options available at an excellent price).
                I’m only at about the midpoint on this kit install so I will post more upon completion and testing.

                As a side note I have the trailer light kit installed and that connection wire hangs down and is in the way for hookup and even disconnect so I included some picks of a fix I’m going to try, to secure it out of the way, for when I’m hitching and unhitching my trailer.


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                  Nice! I’m thinking of this as well. Looks like too much fun to resist, but.......I’ve just ordered some Aluminium wheels, gearbox cover and oil lines so need to get all of that sorted first...upgrades are fun!

                  looking forward to seeing this installed on your rig and hopefully (hint hint) a video of this in action!

                  catch ya