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Episode #5 - Factory Painting and Detailing with Alpha!

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    Originally posted by T-CAT View Post
    Wow, this was an absolutely excellent episode. Thank you! I didn't get to watch it live, but maybe next week. I truly enjoy seeing the "behind the scenes" magic that goes into the creation of these great models. We all love this hobby and industry and want to see it succeed. I'm sure these types of videos provide even more respect for the hard work and dedication that is needed to bring new RC products to the market and in our hands. I'm looking forward to more in the future.

    Some of these following future video and topic ideas may not be possible for obvious reasons and it doesn't have to go into too much detail, but it would be interesting to see:

    - EDF balancing
    - Aerodynamics/wind-tunnel testing
    - Prototype stages of model flight testing (from older models of course, ha-ha)
    - Flights off of interesting/non-traditional areas/surfaces
    - Strut spring rate testing
    - Destructive/durability testing of both the aircraft structure and the electronics
    - A look into how the molds are created
    - The creation of the unique packaging
    - The process that goes into shipping the models
    - The meetings of the design team and assembly line employees
    - A day in the life of Alpha's 23.5 hour work day (just remember to leave out your 0.5 hours of sleep, dude)
    - Alpha's workout routine (I know you're lifting 80mm A-10's on each arm for your Bicep Curls, but what about Squats and Deadlifts?)
    - What are some amazingly popular places to eat and the types of food in China where you're located?
    All great ideas T-Cat! We will definitely be back in the future with more behind the scenes stuff into the other aspects that go into making these aircraft.


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      Thanks James! The livestream's are great and I have been enjoying the content. So, thank you all for the hard work.


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        So my question is will you guys ever consider doing a giant scale edf aircraft? ( like 105-120mm)


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          Years ago Model Aviation did a teaser article on the behind-the-scenes activity at an ARF manufacturer. It contained some pictures of the prep work required for balsa aircraft, but not enough. At the end of Episode #5, James suggested input on a program devoted to the balsa and plastic covering industry. I say, whatever they care to show us (me) would be a boon to the hobby. With over 48 years involved with model aircraft building and flying, my request may be a bit dated; since foam is popular these days. Having spent years knees-deep in balsa dust and glue, showing me how to build a model aircraft using assembly line procedures would be extremely pleasing. So, if it can be done, please do.


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            Nickrc1 Welcome to Hobby Squawk, I'm glad to see someone who's been in this hobby for 48 years! I'm guessing you've already commented in the FAA's Remote ID NPRM?

            We're compiling a behind the scenes for balsa, thanks for the feedback! Stay tuned for that in a future Motion RC Live.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC05067.JPG
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Name:	DSC05141.JPG
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            Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC05086.JPG
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Name:	IMG_8697.JPG
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              WOW....can't wait. Thanks


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                You're right that it's a very different process. Balsa dust, incidence meters, metal jigs and the smell of silkscreen printing!


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                  Alpha My kind of natural environment!


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                    I watched a video a few years ago on the process of making a balsa plane. I think Seagull models put it out, can probably find it on YouTube. I just wish I could cover as good as they do at the factory lol.


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                      Originally posted by ncflyer79 View Post
                      I just wish I could cover as good as they do at the factory lol.
                      I agree. I've been building and covering, with a variety of materials, for a long time. The finish work coming out of these factories, applied, printed, and painted are really done nicely.