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  • Florence

    I would like to take a moment to wish our Squawk brothers and sisters and their extended families along the east coast my wishes for good luck and be safe. I hope that it weakens before making land fall but just in case again Good Luck And Be Safe!

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    When Florence puts a damper on Nall

    And you have nowhere to go in the Fall

    Check out “Warbirds over Grapevine”

    We guarantee you’ll have a Ball !
    Currently flying: Twin 80mm A-10, 80mm F5, 80mm A6, 70mm Yak-130, 70mm F-16v2,90mm Stinger 90, 70mmRC Lander F9F, Flightline F7F TigerCat, Phoenix 46 size Tucano, Flyzone L-39
    Out of Service: 80mm Mig-21,64mm F-35, 64mm F/A-18
    I Want: 80mm A-4, twin 80mm F4J Phantom


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      Exciting time here at Rickenbacker as F-22s and T-38s from Langley escape the storm. My windows were rattling and knew it wasn’t from aKC-135 or fedex jet! Hate the storm but love the company it brings! Welcome Raptor drivers!


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        Stay safe, guys!


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          Rode out the storm here in eastern North Carolina and faired very well at least on the home front. My work on the other hand is wrecked. For a cat 2 storm I’ve never seen this much damage but 32 inches of rain didn’t help much either.


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            I'm really sad to see this, Wildcard. Water is the worst danger. I hope you and all your loved ones got through okay.


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              Wow sorry to see that but as long as your physically ok then you can handle it.


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                Something I hope never to see here in Oz. Glad you are OK. So sad about the Sunami in Indonesia.